Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Client} Dining Room

A dining room transformation on a budget!

This dining room started as a great space, but it was lacking a stylized, finished look.  You might remember the Lynch home, I transformed their home office into an amazing space for the entire family in grays and yellows.  They loved the room so much, I received the opportunity to makeover their dining room too!  
Bare walls in an unfinished space.
In desperate need of a dramatic center piece. 

 The After results of turning a bare space into a beautiful, formal dining room ready for some serious entertaining!


Here are the items that brought this space together... 

A grouping of mirrors!
The once lonely dining room table dressed for fall with layers of candles, glassware, and plants.
New head chairs add some comfort and softness to the space.
A glass top vintage bar cart!  LOVE!! :)
Hand-made custom artwork from old dictionary pages.
Individually, these items were all inexpensive and bought on a budget.  Together, they make an amazing high end dining room!

It's all in the details!


Cheers! And happy dining! 

"interior design inspired by high end design, created for modern living"

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