Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nursery Lighting

The nursery design for our little guy is quickly coming together.  There has been a lot of progress in the last month and it is so close to being complete before he arrives in September.  Notice any KEY design features missing in this picture though?

L I G H T I N G!!!!  

If you know anything about me or my design style, or have been following my blog, you know that lighting is a HUGE part of my designs.  So, I can't believe I have left the ceiling light for the last major design decision for the nursery.  

Our home was recently built a few months ago, and I purposely had them wire it for a ceiling light but not install one knowing I would be changing it out soon after we moved in.  Every time I walk into this room of our house, I flip the light switch on without even thinking and forget there is no light in the room!  Every time!!  So, needless to say, we need a light in here, quick! Here are my options I have put together. 

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

Things to think about when purchasing a ceiling light.  1.  Number of lights.  Some of these have multiple light bulbs in them, up to 8 and others only have a single light bulb, so there is going to be a huge difference in the amount of lighting they will produce.  I am definitely going to have a side table lamp in here as well, so a single light bulb would work just fine in the small space.  2.  Size.  The ceiling height of our second floor bedrooms are only 8' tall, so I can't install a light too large (unless we want to be hitting our heads on it)!  For a room this size, you wouldn't want anything taller (longer) than 12" hanging down from the ceiling.  3.  Design and Aesthetics.  This is a no brainer.  Look for a light that looks pretty in the room.  I always like to search out interesting lights that makes a statement versus something boring and basic that no one will even notice.  It doesn't mean it has to be more expensive, it may just take a little more searching.  4.  Price.  My goal for this light was to find something inexpensive while still aesthetically pleasing.   All of these lights are under $200 and some even under $100.  5.  Where to purchase.  I generally always buy my lighting online because there are SO many options to choose from.  Some of my favorite sources online for lighting are Wayfair and Shades of Light.  You won't believe which one of these is from Target!

I still haven't purchased a ceiling light or made a decision on which one I want, but I will need to soon as my due date is approaching.

In a nursery, I always think you should have multiple sources of light.  You should have an overhead light for your main lighting and accent lighting for ambient lighting - night time feedings and changings.  Ambient lighting can consist of just a table lamp next to the rocker.  Or even 2 additional light sources such as a table lamp on a side table and on the changing table, depending on what you will have room for.  I have decided to just have a table lamp on the side table next to the rocker, but of course, I needed options.  This time I went straight to Target and was able to find more than enough options for a lamp.

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

This was an easy choice for me.  I kind of had a clear winner as soon as I saw it in person.  I know I seem like a crazy person for purchasing this many lamps at one time, but I HAD to see them in person, in the room, to really make sure I was making the right decision.  Rememeber, lighting is important to me.  I ordered all of these online at Target.  Shipping was free and I knew I could return them to the store when I made my decision of which to keep.  Target makes it very easy to purchase multiple things for options and then return what you don't want.  

I loved #6 but it was a little too tall and big, and was the most expensive.  #3 was almost too "kiddish" with the silver stars on it for what else was happening in the room.  Initially, I always thought I would go with #4 but the base of it took up almost the entire table top.  :(  It's important to leave plenty of space for baby bottles, phone, books, etc.  #5 was much shorter and smaller in person than I thought.  #2 was just a really cool lamp in general.  I thought the concrete, geometric base looked so much like a moon's surface, but in the end, just wasn't right in the space.  

I decided to go with the Olsen Collection Two Headed Task Lamp by Threshold from Target for many reasons.  The base of the lamp was small, so it didn't take up a lot of space on the side table.  I LOVED the colors -- black to coordinate with the black wall on the other side of the room, and just enough of a touch of brass for a little added accent.  And having two lights with their own individual switch was a huge bonus!  That was really what sold me.  I can see this really coming in handy if I only want a little bit of light at night, or need more at times.  

Have you ever seen these light bulbs?!? 

 I came across the Sleepy Baby Nursery Light on Pinterest and was very intrigued.  At $30 a pop for ONE light bulb I might buy just one for the table lamp and see if it works.  Supposedly, if you turn this light on during the night for a feeding or diaper change or whatever, the baby's eyes won't register it and the baby still sees darkness, so they aren't woken.  It seems like a good thing but maybe they won't eat if they aren't awake!  I am still doing my research on this one before I spend the same amount on a single light bulb as I did on this lamp!  Let me know if you have used this light bulb in your baby's room!

7 more weeks to go!!!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

To the Moon and Back: Nursery Design Board

It's a race to the finish line now that we have decided to decorate our baby boy's nursery with moons and stars.  I may not get every last detail finished and hung on the wall before he arrives, but he will at least have a painted room and a crib to sleep in (or not to sleep in).  I started with this design board below, but as I started buying these items, I've been finding some items unavailable or changing my mind on some things.

Original Design Board for Baby Marhoefer

Now that I have started buying items for the nursery, the design board has changed a bit.  It still looks very similar and has the same style and feel, but the actual items I purchased are not these exact items pictured in the Origianl Design Board.  

New Design Board

Overall, the colors for the room are pretty simple and neutral -- white, black, gray, some brassy gold accents, and a lighter amber wood color and texture.  I wanted to keep the colors simple and masculine.  This space has room to grow in the future as well.  With everything so neutral now, I am hoping these are items we can keep and use for years to come!

Nursery Furniture and Decor Necessities:

ROCKER:  I would highly suggest splurging on this furniture item the most out of everything you buy for a nursery because you are going to use it every single day.  And hopefully can keep it for baby #2.  I decided to get an upholstered Rocker/Recliner from Buy Buy Baby for extra coziness and comfort for 3:00am snuggles.

CHANGING TABLE:  If you have the space in your baby's nursery, opt for a dresser instead of a changing table.  It can grow with your child throughout the years and add a lot of extra storage.  It is generally the perfect height and size for a changing pad as well. 

CRIB:  I was blown away by the fact that cribs can range in price from as low as $80 from IKEA to $2000 and beyond for designer specialty cribs.  Even the ones at Buy Buy Baby seemed over priced at $600 to $1000.  Me, out of all people was very concerned at the design and "look" of the crib but new I could find something much less expensive and more practical for our budget.  Shop around the internet.  I found a brand called Babyletto cribs that I loved but were very expensive.  I found a cheaper brand that was just as nice and also made by the same Babyletto people sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, so I scored a designer "looking" crib for less than $200.

LIGHTING:  Multiple light sources are ideal for day and night and middle of the night feedings.  I am still deciding on the exact light fixtures, but I will be doing a ceiling light for the main light source and a table lamp for extra night time lighting that will be softer, accent lighting. 

STORAGE:  LOTS of storage!  In the closet, we added some extra hanging storage and a 6 cube bin for miscellaneous items.  I love having some fabric bins hanging around the room for toys, books, or to use as a hamper.  IKEA floating shelves are some of the most practical storage solutions I have seen for children's books.  I love that they display them like art.

One of the biggest changes between the two design boards is the removal of the bookcases.  As much as I loved these open etagere style bookcases, the room just started to feel very cramped with too many pieces of large furniture.  It can always be a furniture piece that we add later down the road if we want.  I found the perfect dresser to use as the changing table!  It was perfect, to die for!  Only problem is, it was over $1000 from West Elm!!!!  So I had to fall in love with something else.  Luckily, I found an almost identical match from

This vintage inspired constellation art from Urban Outfitters was the first thing I bought for baby's room.  I was hoping it would be the perfect focal art behind the crib.  But once it arrived, it was much smaller than I thought.  (Should have double checked those dimensions a little closer!)  So, I decided to hang that on another wall and ordered this gorgeous "moon phases" artwork for behind the crib from Joss & Main.  

I'm hoping all of the fabrics in the room will come together nicely once I get the fitted crib sheets and changing pad cover as a starting point.  These will be store bought from Land of Nod, while I am still debating some custom options for things like a crib skirt and boppy cover.  I haven't settled on any of the fabrics quite yet, though.

That's how I have been pulling this nursery together -- one decor/furniture piece at a time.  I am starting to feel a little under the gun to get it completed with only 9 more weeks to go.  But honestly, a baby doesn't need anything of this in the first few weeks of life, so I think we will be okay! :) 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To the Moon and Back

Have I mentioned we chose which theme we want to go with for our baby boy's nursery?!?

My husband and I actually agreed on a theme for the baby's nursery!  I really don't know how I would have decided if we both would have chosen a different theme.  Let's face it, I do this for a living, so I am taking over the design of this room with very little help or input from him.  This is my domain!  But he still wants to be very involved and is very interested in what I am putting in this room, so I wanted to be sure I asked his opinion on this.  And after all, he is a guy.  I wanted the input of a male figure to make sure this room is really masculine and cool for our little guy.  I really wanted him to like the room as much as me or the baby.

I kind of already had my mind made up between the WOODLAND BEAR theme and the MOON & STARS theme.  So, I was almost very nervous to ask his opinion, afraid he wouldn't choose want I wanted! :)  Isn't that how us women always are about everything anyways when we ask our husbands' opinions?!?  So we both loved and decided on..........

moons & stars nursery theme

I am SO excited to finally have a clear vision of what we both want in the nursery design and can finally start buying items and putting this room together!  Other than the moon and stars theme in the nursery, I really want his nursery to have a cool, masculine look with mid-century furniture and a whimsical bohemian feel.  This nusery below is one I found online while looking for inspiration and everything about it just exudes the feeling I am after for this nursery! 

While they chose to do a dark NAVY accent wall, I opted for a black accent wall, I LOVED everything about this space and really hope for a similar look in my baby's nursery.  Take away the crib and you would never even know this was a nursery.  That is how I love to design kid's spaces.  Some people may think it is too grown up or not fun enough, but I think the playroom is where you can get really fun and crazy with color.  (I haven't even thought about that room yet -- it is kind of still full of decor overflow!  I am just thrilled our new home has a designated playroom.)

You can find more on Levi's nursery featured above HERE and HERE.  

I'm trying not to buy too many items for Baby M until after my baby shower.  But I just couldn't resist with this adorableness!  Moccasins are a must have and a baby can never have too many moccs or too many hats in this case!  He is already gathering a collectin of adorable hats which will be great for fall and winter, but this black & white cross hat was too cute to pass up.  A pacifier clip is a must have as well, so I bought this handmade clip in black & white made of leather.

Sources:  moccasins  //  hat  //  pacifier clip
(all of these products were made by local Indy artists)

11 more weeks to go!  This photo was from our 4 year anniversary dinner on June 23rd.  I also had just passed my glucose test, so there was a little celebrating with lots of carbs and dessert!! :) 

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