Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY {My Home}

{Here is an easy and inexpensive way to add a BIG impact in a space}

In my home, there is one loooong, continuous wall that stretches throughout the living room and into the dining room.  I wanted to make the wall a focal point for each spaces.  So once the colors scheme of sea blues was determined for the walls, I created large, horizontal stripes along the wall to make a big impact in the spaces.  
I marked the areas NOT to paint with painter's tape.
 How to:  First measure the ceiling height of your room.  Larger horizontal stripes are going to make a bigger impact than a lot of smaller stripes.  So with 9' ceilings, I decided to do 7 stripes at about 15-1/2" wide each.  Once the base wall color was painted, I taped off the stripes using a laser level to get a straight line and a little help from my husband! :)  Once all of the tape is in place, paint the accent color!!  The fun part is stripping off the tape and seeing the results!
AFTER:  a suttle but huge impact of the over sized horizontal stripes!
  {Artwork Above a Couch} 
Keep with the scale of the couch, which in my case was a huge over sized sectional.  I created a collection of artwork that is about 12" in on either sides of the couch.  
This amazing driftwood sunburst mirror was the jumping off point.  It just wasn't enough of an impact by itself. 
Rustic, empty picture frames hung on the wall in pairs of different sizes added the drama I was looking for!

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