Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coral + Gray Master Bedroom {My Home}

It's not very often that I post pictures of my home.  

#1 - because I usually don't have the time to focus on decorating my own home or

#2 - because I feel like my house is never really finished.  I am constantly changing things or adding things in my home.  Good design is never complete!

When I started designing my master bedroom, I first looked at color combinations.  I knew I wanted to keep the room very simple with just two main colors.  I was loving coral at the time (which I still love) so I went with that as my main color.  Gray goes with everything so I picked that as my second color.  The room has such tall ceilings, I really wanted a dark color on the walls to make the room feel a bit cozier.  Dark gray walls around the entire room is exactly what we did!  It also made the room feel a bit more manly with the bright coral (which made my husband happy).  Now, gray can get tricky...some grays have a blue tint to them, some can have a muddy brown tint, some can have a green tint.  This was the PERFECT gray!  It is just GRAY!  A perfect stone, charcoal hue gray.  I would use this again and again! 
The bed was purchased at Kittle's.  I really wanted something bulky, with a tall headboard to fit the scale of the tall ceilings.  My husband LOVED this one.  Wouldn't be my first pick, but that's the compromise of marriage!  It's grown on me.  I think it looks great in the space and it has drawers in the bottom = BONUS!  What girl doesn't need extra storage for all her clothes!

A simple, graphic gray + white ikat chevron duvet from West Elm. 
A great place to display wedding photos & engagement photos!
All artfully displayed on professionally made canvas wraps.
Everyone needs "Love Rules"
After purchasing our home 2 years ago, I thought it was about time to do something with our master bedroom.  It's the last room in our house that hasn't been painted or decorated in some way!  And...since it is my one year wedding anniversary this month, I thought there was no better gift to both my husband and myself, than a new master bedroom!

Our space is now masculine and modern with the crisp gray and white color palette, but girly enough for me with the fun, bright pops of coral!!

I hope Jessica Stout Design inspires you to do something new with your home today!


  1. Beautiful! You are crazy talented!

  2. I love what you did with your room. What sheets did you use with your bedding?

    1. Thank you! They are the West Elm Stripe Sheet Set in Feather Gray and White.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

  3. As I have already said, make a list of the furniture items that needed to be renovated along with a little description of the type of renovation. buffet units


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