Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Favorite Rugs Under $100!!

Here are my favorite rugs under $100!  And some tips on purchasing the correct rug size for your home. 

It's no secret my favorite place to buy rugs is from!   They have amazing, quality rugs at the BEST prices I have ever found!  (Even compared to Home Goods!)  The rugs generally ship and arrive at your door step within a week of ordering.  And shipping is usually always FREE!  

Currently, they are having a sale on $99 rugs!  Finding a rug of this quality for under $100 is such a steal!  So I am sharing my favorites from their sale with you today.  

Rugs in order from top to bottom, left to right:

If you miss the sale this time, don't worry it will be back soon!  Sign up for their emails and Rugs USA will keep you updated with all of their sales.  They have sales all of the time.  So I would suggest looking through their thousands of rugs online, find the one you like for your home, and wait for that sale to show up again before ordering!  


This is always a tough question for people when it comes time to buy rugs!  Here are some tips and good rule of thumb for purchasing and placing rugs in your home! 

A good rule of thumb for a rug under a kitchen table or dining room table is that all four legs of the chair should be on the rug!  Ideally, all four legs should remain on the rug when they are pulled out as I have shown in the first image.  But you may only have the space to have all four legs on the rug when they are pushed under the table, which is still okay.  As shown in the second image.

But if the legs of the chair don't stay on the rug even when they are pushed under the table -- then it is probably TOO SMALL for your space!  As shown in the last image!

All of this depends on the size of your space and the size of your table.  The table shown here is a normal kitchen table size.

Rule of thumb for rug size in a living room?  The front two legs of your sofa or chair should be on the rug!  Even though the rug does cover a lot of your floor space, the larger rug is actually going to make the room feel larger.  The smaller rug, shown on the right, actually tricks your eye into making the space feel smaller.

When in doubt, a larger size rug is always better!  :)

Don't forget!  I can always help with even the smallest projects of just helping purchasing the right rugs for your home!  

(This is NOT a sponsored post, just truly love RUGS USA rugs!  I use their rugs in my own home and almost all of my client's homes!!)


  1. Love this! I'm on the hunt for a master bedroom rug, and keep going back to Rugs USA. Any tips on what to look for when the bed is not centered in the room (like, close to a wall on one side)?

    1. Thanks!! I am glad it was helpful! You could position the rug at an angle so that part of the rug is under the bed and part showing or position at the end of the bed depending on how the room is layed out. Or even just have the rug partly under the bed and showing on just the one side that is open! Hope that helps!

  2. My eat-in area of my kitchen is about the size my rug should be. Is it ok to have the rug touch the walls or should I just go without a rug? I have tile floors. Wish I could post a photo.


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