Thursday, October 2, 2014

Restoration Hardware Bookshelves for LESS!

I don't know a single sole who can honestly say they don't LOVE Restoration Hardware.  It is the one home decor store even our husbands love walking through.  But lets face it, most of their items are so expensive and overpriced that we end up just walking through their showroom only for inspiration, knowing we won't purchase anything.  If you're like me, you walk in to swoon over the decor and maybe even snag a couple of paint chips to take to your local hardware store for matching (YES, they can do that!)

Recently, a client asked me to give her formal sitting room in her home the 'Restoration Hardware'
look.  I could have just went to Restoration Hardware and bought everything off the shelf, exactly
how they have it displayed, but what fun is that?!?  I am more about the hunt of finding a good deal
and creating that high end designer look for less!!

I am sharing a few of my shopping tips on how to get the RH look
for less when decorating your bookshelves.  I'll tell you where to
shop.  What to look for.  And how to put it all together! 

The sitting room houses the family's piano also.  So the Mozart and Beethoven sculptures are perfect
for this space!  I am definitely going for more of the classic style RH has to over versus the
industrial style. 

I actually think I like the Home Goods coral better!  It is the same size as the RH ones, but it has that awesome clear acrylic base!

Okay, these might be one of my favorite finds!  I love that they are a little out of the ordinary and
quirky.  This will definitely be a conversation piece! 

This really is a copy-cat from Home Goods.  You can tell by the sticker still on it!  I really don't know what the difference is here.  This Home Goods agate is a ROCK!  I mean, it is heavy and gorgeous just like the RH ones.  These are SO popular right now, so if you see them at Home Goods, scoop them up before they are gone.  They make great book ends or paper weights.

I am comparing the small RH cloche in the middle to this one from Hobby Lobby because they are similar in size.  They are used to protect and store things.  They are great for showcasing smaller objects in a bookcase, making it a little more predominant. 

This is the horse I first saw at RH and loved it for this project, but opted for the less expensive one instead.  My favorite horse ever, that I have ever, ever seen is really this one from Z Gallerie, but it was too big for the book shelf.  So I decided on this one from World Market instead.  At least my horse has all 4 legs!!  :)

Where I Shop for These Treasures
Home Goods
Cost Plus World Market

All of these places are great because you can search for specific items on their website. sources materials from different sites and offer them on their site, so it is an easy one-stop-shop.  And when in doubt, you can usually always find it at Home Goods if you really search for it.  

You can find all of Restoration Hardware's Source Books online.  Objects of Curiosity is my favorite
to flip through for styling bookshelves.  It shows you lots of different styles and specific items that
you can then look for on the web for less.  

from RH's book 'Objects of Curiosity'

The Restoration Hardware Handcrafted 18th Century Journal is one of the easiest things to replicate for less for a bookshelf. Every bookshelf deserves a stack of books. So, why not keep them all uniform with the same color. Or rip the outside cover off to give the books a deconstructed look.  The books will really complete your look and keep the bookcases from looking cluttered with too many objects.

This is a little rendering I do with bookcases to plan out the items I will need, the number of books I
need, and give me an inventory of what I have bought or what needs to still be bought.

Yes, I am a little crazy for doing this, but when you have one day to install and get it right, it is all about planning, planning, planning! 

When it comes to deciding whether to splurge on a piece or to save, it really depends on your needs and your budget. You get what you pay for! So, if you can afford Restoration Hardware, you are most likely getting a much nicer, better quality product. But for those of us who like to change out our decor every year or just simply can't afford it right now, there are lots of options out there to get a similar look for less!


  1. I'm obsessed with this post! As l am trying to figure out if my bookcase should stay or go..I'm pondering whether I just need a taller! Lol

  2. The turtle shells and the horses. That is all.

  3. I meant that with enthusiasm….but now it sounds B****Y.

    1. I would take it as nothing BUT enthusiasm!! :) I ordered the turtle shells online without seeing them, and received them in the mail yesterday! DIE!!! They are so amazing!


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