Jessica Marhoefer
Owner & Interior Designer for Jessica Stout Design
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana
est. 2010

What did you want to be when you grew up?
First, a hair stylist, then a fashion designer, then an interior designer.   I've always liked to work with my hands and be creative, but I didn't always know how to make a career out of that.  I would spend hours rearranging the furniture in my dollhouse or building elaborate homes out of Legos.  My mom usually let me do whatever I wanted to my bedroom - it was constantly evolving.  I even had a hammock in my bedroom as my bed at one point.  Let's just say that didn't last very long!  I grew up watching my grandpa build furniture out of wood by hand and admired his attention to detail and work ethic.  I guess you could say being creative is kind of in my blood. 

What did you study in college?
I started Ball State University a little hesitant of getting a degree in Interior Design, but after just one design class my first semester I was hooked!  My interior design classes delved into all aspects of design including residential design, commercial design, architecture, project managing, business classes, working with real life clients, computer aided drawings, hand renderings, art classes, and building with our hands, so we would be ready to work in any area of Interior Design.  I always dreamed of having a freelance career.  So, I added in a minor degree in Marketing.  Those business classes have really paid off! 

What was your first job out of college?
I graduated college on a Saturday and started my first "real world" interior design job that following Monday as a Custom Wine Cellar Designer.  I was the only one in my design class graduating with a full-time interior design job.  I was so paranoid about finding a job right out of college that I started my job hunt 5 months prior to graduation and accepted the position before I even graduated.  After 3 years with that company, I felt I was ready for a new challenge and became a Kitchen + Bath Designer for a local Indianapolis company.  I met a lot of people in the trade and designed and managed quite a few kitchen and bathroom remodels.  But I still wasn't at my full potential, which led me to freelance design where I am today.  

How are you different from other designers?
I know the reality of designing on a budget.  You don’t have to break the bank to get a well designed home.   My design philosophy is to treat your money like it is my own.  With my design skills  and a little creativity, I will show you how to stretch your dollar to conquer any of your design dilemmas.   I can give you the most bang for your buck!   I thrive on creating a High End Designer look for your home at an affordable budget.  There is no project too small or too big for me.  I can provide full design services ranging from interior decorating, space planning, and project managing.   And I get along with contractors!  :)  

What is your design style?
My design style is constantly evolving.  It really depends on the day, my mood, the trends, the colors of the season, and the clients.   It is not about my design style, it’s about yours.  I am just here to help you define your style.   I will always stick to the classics, mix in some vintage, with a touch of the modern trends.  Following the basic design rules, but knowing when to break them to achieve that high end designer style. 

What is Jessica Stout Design Blog about?
I started my blog in 2011 as a portfolio of my professional interior design work.  But now, I have grown it into a day-to-day look into the life of an Interior Designer.  Sharing tips and secrets about design, showing you what inspires me, and a view inside my world.  I am a girly-girl who loves fashion and beauty so I may talk about my latest fashion obsessions or trends I am noticing.  I love to craft, create things, throw parties and the best part is sharing all of that with you.  After being together for almost 7 years, my husband knows that our home will never look the same for long.  Our home is my testing grounds for new projects or materials.  I am constantly decorating my home, painting something, and changing just about anything he'll let me.  Basically, my blog is an inside view of my life journey! 

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