Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Updating a Home {Client Design} Noblesville, IN

This was a very special project for me!  I met Loretta in May just as she was entering into a brand new phase of her life. Ready for a new outlook on life!  

Curb appeal can say a lot about a home. So we started this project with a fresh new paint color on the exterior of the house, new gutters, a gorgeous new front door that now matches the style of her home, and some other additional trimmings such as new exterior lighting.  I continued the project inside with the entry way (first impressions are important even for a home) and continued the design into her family room.

The Design Board

The existing natural slate floors were an OBVIOUS jumping off point for colors in my design plan.  Natural and warm  with a POP of color!
I started the makeover with an instant update -- painting the doors and trim white throughout the ENTIRE house!  It was an easy update that made the home feel fresh and modern!
Entry Way

With a love of clean lines, natural materials and warm colors, Loretta couldn’t help but think there was some closeted "Contemporary Arts and Crafts"  in her, but overall, this space and her new lifestyle dictate a more soft-modern vibe.


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