Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As Seen on Fixer Upper {House in the Woods}

Chip and Joanna really outdid themselves this time on this home renovation!  The master bathroom was O-M-G amazing!!  The kitchen is high end all the way with the custom cabinets and glass door cabinets to showcase the homeowners china.  Overall, this renovation seemed much more sophisticated, expensive, luxorious, and high end than we normally see from the Fixer Upper design duo.  From the designer finishes they chose throughout the home, the choice of gray painted trim versus a standard white trim, to the grand kitchen and master bathroom.  This was by far the most luxurious 'fixer upper' to date.

One of the very first things I noticed on this episode that was different than their other home renovations was the paint color on the interior trim of the home -- the crown, base boards, and door casings.

This was one of the biggest trends I saw this year at the Indianapolis Home-A-Rama, and I think it will be a huge trend for the new year.  Every home I visited on the tour had painted interior trim, other than just white.  If you are thinking of doing this in your home, start in the basement.  It is a great way to introduce this new look into your home without having to repaint your trim throughout the entire house.  And it gives the basement a separate, more masculine, sophisticated look.  I am currently working on a new construction home where we will be painting all of the interior trim of the basement a dark gray.  Dovetail Gray SW 7018 is a great choice for painting your trim work something other than white and looks very similar to what Joanna chose for their trim color.  If Dovetail Gray seems a little too dark for you, try a few shades lighter such as Dorian Gray SW 7017.

This massive kitchen that spread from side to side of the room was gorgeous!  I'm not what I liked best -- those oversized pendants, the large, custom range hood, or the custom glass door front with the circle detail in the glass.

What an amazing transformation!!

At only $500, the Round Blanca Table from World Market is my favorite affordable table to get this Fixer Upper look. It looks as though the black French style dining chairs Joanna chose for this dining area are metal, but these black, wood bistro chairs are also a great option to complete the look.

I love this detail they added to the back wall of the master bedroom.  It is a great way to add a focal wall to a space without spending a lot of money.  Just get some 1x1 boards at your local hardware store, starting in the center, make your pattern, nail to the wall, and then paint the entire wall, including the trim, the same color. 

This house was really all about the bathroom, so lets see that bathroom!!!  They basically just covered everything with marble, even the ceiling. 

It makes me so happy that they didn't just lay that beautiful marble floor in a basic brick pattern on the floor.  I love that they laid the tiles in a herringbone pattern.  A little more money for labor and a lot more wasteof tile with all of the cuts, but definitely worth it for the impact it creates.  And they followed the same design pattern in the shower. 

They really didn't miss a beat in this bathroom.  Every detail is just perfection!

I think we are all yearning for an opulant bathroom covered in marble like this now! 

I had so much fun watching this episode because I spent the evening in my home with my girls Val and Kelly having a little watch party!!!  We talked and drank wine WAY more than we did watch the episode, but it was so much more fun that way.  It was recorded, so I could watch it again later!! 

Chip and Joanna really stepped up their game on this episode of the Fixer Upper.  There was a lot to love about this home.  Let me know if there are any specific pieces you would like to know more about and I will do my best to help you find them.

{All photos are from HGTV or Magnolia Market Blog}


  1. Love your blog!! Thoughts on the bar stools and kitchen pendants?

    1. Thank you for stopping by!!! I have seen bar stools similar to this at Wayfair and even Target. They are pretty popular. I just installed similar pendants to these in one of my clients kitchens from Birch Lane.


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