Thursday, November 13, 2014

Planning for Christmas!!

Mid-way through November already and I have ALL things Christmas on the brain!!! How about you?!?  

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Christmas card photos
DIY projects

With only 3 weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, I am in turbo mode to get everything on my wishlist accomplished for the holidays!!  The holidays get so busy and we really like to take this time to spend extra time with family and friends.  So, my goal is to get a lot of my Christmas decorating in our home completed early so we can just enjoy the holidays!  Even if we wait to put our tree up Dec. 1 I am okay with that as long as the rest of the house is sparkling in glitter and lights before Thanksgiving!!!!  

Each year, when it comes to my Christmas decorating in my home, I try to do a couple of new craft and DIY projects to incorporate.  It is fun to have at least one new decor item each year as well.  It may be just a gorgeous new ornament or sparkly white reindeer statue!!!  It's hard NOT to buy something new each year with all the amazing holiday decor out there -- I'm talking to you Target, World Market, Home Goods, Lowe's, and  Hobby Lobby!!!   

I  already picked this guy up at World Market!!  
I have some BIG plans for this guy!  And I don't feel as guilty buying new Christmas decor like this if it is something I can move into another room after Christmas!  

I couldn't pass this up at Home Goods for $4.99!!!!!!  
You know all the impulse items around the check-out aisles that you can't help but not look through!?!  Well I found this Erin Barrett For the Love of Letters wood sign there!  I was so giddy!
She has lots of fun holiday items on her website and around Indianapolis too!  Every boutique I walk into these days I spy a For the Love of Letters sign!!  But I'm not complaining!!!!   
(you can tell this is definitely hers and not a similar artist because all of her signs and prints has a small "eb" at the bottom!!) 

Before I go too crazy buying new Christmas decor though, I need to see what I have and make a plan for this years decorating!  It seems I always forget what I have from last year!  Never fails!  Or I bought something after Christmas at 75% off at Hobby Lobby and totally forgot about it!!  So, I have been scrolling through last year's photos of my Christmas Home Tour 2013 to see what I can change around this year.  You don't have to buy all new each year, just  move things around to different areas to get a fresh new look!

I hope this will also inspire your holiday decorating this year!!

Lots more pictures from my 2013 Christmas Home Tour here.  

And if you missed my 12 Days of Holiday Decorating from last year, you HAVE to check that out as well for inspiration on decorating, wrapping gifts, decorating mantles..............

You can find a link to all 12 days here!!  

I've already done a little holiday decorating for a client this year!  I think that is why I am SO excited to decorate my home for the holidays now!!  More on that later!  

And a quick sneak peek at a craft I am planning for my annual craft day with family!!

You can see what we made last year at 3rd Annual Craft Day here if you are looking for a winter craft idea.  1st Annual Craft Day (or Pinterest Party as we called it then) here and 2nd Annual Craft Day was a Fall pumpkin decorating craft day!  

{3rd Annual Craft Day 2013}

I love incorporating natural elements into my Christmas decor!  You can use live trees and twigs, fresh boxwood, and fresh spruce and evergreens in flower arrangements! 

Trying to think of something cool to do with these logs!!!!  Candle sticks?!?!

Where are your favorite places to shop for Christmas decor?!?  Do you have a theme for your holiday decor?  I always love to hear what colors people use in their Christmas decorations!  Do you keep a common theme of red and green or go non-traditional with blue and silver?!?! 

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