Thursday, December 19, 2013

{Holiday Decorating} Day 12: That's A Wrap!

My 12 Days of Decorating has come to an end!  

I don't know if I should cry or jump for joy!  It has been so much fun sharing all of my DIY projects, Christmas crafts, giving you a tour of my home, seeing your responses on how you have been inspired to create holiday crafts around your home, and giving you an inside look of what my life looks like around the holidays.

It has been quite exhausting as well, with all of the day-to-day projects, and endless blogging!  I have had SO much fun doing this though, and I appreciate you following along everyday.  I hope I have inspired you to do at least one creative thing this holiday season!

I love hearing from people "I thought of you when I made this" or "I have to show Jessica what I made" and the best "I'm not crafty but you inspired me to make this!"  That is why I write this blog, for all of you!  To get you excited about decorating your home, to show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to decorate or craft, and to help you love the home you live in!  That is why I love my job!

But, I still have one more day to inspire you this holiday season!


Perhaps you have all of your gift wrapping completed by now, or you are like me and you haven't even finished the shopping, let alone the wrapping!  Either way, when you get to the wrapping part, I thought you might need some creative ideas and some new gift tags to get you started!

I love nothing more than to give, or receive, a beautifully wrapped package at the holidays.  I have put together some of my favorite FREE printable gift tags and ideas to inspire your gift embellishments this holiday season!

Here is a round-up of my favorite FREE PRINTABLE gift tags this year!  

All of these I have found 1. easy to find from the Pinterest link 2. easy to download  3. and look beautiful printed!

Just click on the picture to be directed to the link for the free printable.

from Lia Griffith - Handcraft Your Life
These are really neat because once you download the PDF and open in Adobe Reader (which it should automatically do for you), you actually just click in the area, type in the names and print!  It just takes a little planning ahead, but now your gift tags have wonderful fonts on them that you won't have to write out!  This lady has amazing printables on her website and even has a free printable for gift wrapping!  I guess for those tiny gifts?!
from Simple As That
I loved these Retro Type Christmas Tags because they come in different colors and you can print the tags in just the color you want or print in all 3 colors.  And the tags are large, unlike some of the other downloads.  I printed the black and the red for my gifts!

from Maiko Nagao
  These are a little more young and fun!  I am thinking of using these for the niece's and nephews' presents.

from Love vs. Design
These are whimsical feather tags that will look great with the tribal name tags above!

from Lindsey Bee
I love these calligraphy tags because there are 12 different gift tag downloads, all with a different quote from her favorite songs or movies of the the season, including Elf and Christmas Vacation.  My two favorite Christmas movies!

from Jones Design Company
These animal Christmas gift tags are oh-so-adorable!  I printed TWO pages of these!  I think these are by far my favoriteAMAZE-BALLS!

I printed all of these from my home printer and they look great!

More than enough, that is why I like to layer them up!

I made these tags from Paint Swatches from Lowe's!  I just cut them out with a large tag cutout I had. 

I chose black and white wrapping paper so I can add a pop of color with my ribbon and gift tags.

This wrapping paper from Target looks just like Chalkboard Art!!! 

Wrapping paper...check!  Gift Tags...check!  Ribbon...check!

Picking the perfect ribbon to match the wrapping paper!

The ends of the ribbon just look better cut at an angle for some reason!

This simple black and tan buffalo check wrapping paper is manly enough for all of the lads on your holiday list!

It's way too hard for me to pick one style of gift tags for all of my packages.  There are too many great designs out there!  So I like to mix and match, and even layer them up.  Keep your wrapping paper and ribbon coordinating, but feel free to use lots of different tag designs. I like to pick a tag that represents the person's personality receiving the gift.  Funny ones for the guys, and pretty ones for the ladies!

A woven embellishment with twine and red yarn.

My trees outside got a fresh trimming to make these gifts!

This gift was embellished with a mixture of fresh boxwood and fresh pine.

A festive feather cut-out and cute gift tag for this girl!

A fun way to wrap a gift for the littlest receivers!

I'm swooning over this chalkboard replica wrapping paper!  I want to frame it!

When it comes to gift giving at Christmas, I like to put just as much love into the wrapping as I know I have with the gift!  For me, Christmas gifts aren't meant to be about the most expensive thing you can buy a person that year, it's about the love and thoughtfulness of the gift!  I truly put a lot of thought and love into each of my gifts I give at Christmas!

Don't Open Until December 25th!  



For more holiday wrapping ideas, inspiration, and FREE gift tag downloads, follow my Pinterest board Holiday Gift Wrapping & Tags.

Now that I have given away all of my decorating secrets, I'm in the giving mood this season I guess, and with less than a week away from Christmas, I am going to take this time to enjoy what is left of the Christmas season with family and friends!  A bit of traveling for the holidays to my home town and up to Wisconsin will keep me away from my computer for a few days.  So, the adventures of blogging will continue in 2014!

If you missed any of the 12 Days of Decorating, here is an overview of what you missed and links to all the past DAYS so you can check them out!

Until NEXT YEAR!  

I am so glad you have followed along with me these last 12 days.  Hopefully you will go away with some new ideas for your home.  Which day have you enjoyed the most? 

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