Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Welcome to 2015!!!  After a couple weeks hiatus, I am back to blogging!

It was great to take some time off traveling, enjoying the holidays, and just taking some time away from my computer.  But as the first full week of January arrives, I figured it was probably time to get back to the real world of working and blogging!

It's that time of year again when we start making resolutions for the new year...........

Have you made yours yet?

We all have them.  It is usually something like, losing weight, getting fit, getting organized, saving money, going to Church more, appreciating life more, not using so much social media.......

For me, I needed to just start January with a new year routine!  Which meant taking down the Christmas decor (so sad to see it go but the holidays are over and it's time to get back to work) and going grocery shopping!  Our fridge was empty!  Back to eating healthy and meal prep.  This will help me stick to a productive, healthy daily routine!  A daily routine really keeps me productive and successful!

I still have goals for the new year though!  Goals sounds so much better than resolutions!  This is a fun little activity I found at Thirty Handmade Days to think about the year ahead and the goals I want to achieve.  You can download and print your own here.

I also want to eat healthy.  Everyday.  Not just for the next 2 weeks!!  At this time I don't plan on doing any specific type of diet -- 24 Day Challenge, paleo, Whole 30.  I am just going to focus on eating fresh foods as much as possible.  Drink more water!!  Water is the cheapest and best thing for your body!  The days go by so fast and sometimes I find myself only have one glass of water by dinner if I am not consciously making myself drink water.  Having a water jug with me at all times really helps me!  Sew more!  I have so many yards of fabric lying around.  I will not buy another pillow cover until I make at least one pillow first.  Spend less.  I need to think twice before I buy!  Do I really need this?  And most of all, I just want to work really hard at growing a great company.  They say the first year is the hardest in entrepreneurship.  Well I made it through the first year and it was so rewarding having my own company!!  I can't wait to see what is in store for Jessica Stout Design in 2015!!!

On a side note -- I love having this blog not only to show all of you my interior design projects, but it serves as sort of a diary for me!  I loved looking back to last year's resolutions and photos from the year previous!  I had a looooooong list of DIY resolutions for 2014.  I achieved most of them.  Some I didn't.  Maybe I will get around to those still on the list this year!

Come on 2015 -- we got this!

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