Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Resolutions and The Best of 2013!

2013 was an amazing year for me.

I hope 2014 will hold even more amazing events for me! 

What a year!!!  I can't believe 2013 is already here and gone!  I remember thinking about celebrating my 1st year wedding anniversary last year at this time, and now my 2nd anniversary is in the near future.  It really was a great year for me.  There were so many memorable moments, I can't choose just one that was the best!  

In March I became an Aunt!  It was the longest 24 hours of my life as I sat at that hospital waiting, pacing, and praying for her arrival.  She is such an amazing little person to be around and I am blessed to have my own business and work schedule where I can drive just 10 minutes to her house to see her whenever I want! 

They say the hardest year of marriage is the first year, but for us, it flew by! My husband and I have a blast being together and celebrating life together!  We spent an amazing 1 Year Wedding Anniversary in Louisville, KY!!

In October of 2013, I gained a sister when my brother got married.  It was the most beautiful beach wedding in Charleston, SC. 

Not only did I start Jessica Stout design full-time from home (which is a HUGE accomplishment for 2013) but I also started Refurbish and Refinish. 

My shop within an Antique Mall that specializes in repainting antique furniture, vintage furniture, and second-hand items.  It's a creative outlet for me to sell my craft pieces, paint furniture, and create new home decor items for customers. 

Some of my own personal New Year Resolutions/DIY projects/Goals for 2014:

(in no specific order and no order of importance) 

1.  Home Office Makeover

I've made some improvements over the last few months now that I am working from home.  But it is time to complete the project and get totally organized in my home office.

2.   Guest Bedroom Makeover

It is the only room in my home that I haven't really done anything with.  I threw in some side tables left from my college house, bought two new throw pillows initially for a pop of color that I still love, and that was about it.  I want to change out the ceiling lighting, add some kind of DIY headboard, maybe new curtains (test out my sewing skills, maybe), DIY art for the walls......etc.  My intentions for this space is to give it a major makeover, top to bottom, while doing everything myself, everything DIY, and test out a lot of new ideas I have. 

3.  Guest Bath Makeover.

Maybe some new DIY artwork.  I haven't done a lot in this bathroom so it is time to freshen it up.  When we first moved in we painted the white walls beige, I hung a pretty cool industrial shelf that I still like above the toilet, I made some really cheap artwork with dictionary pages, and that was it.  The goal is to just change it up a bit and add some pizzazz to the space.  The mirror is a builder grade flat piece of mirror that I would love to frame out.  So maybe a DIY tutorial project there!

4.  Master Bath Makeover

I have done nothing in this space!  Nothing!!  Well, I have some pretty towels hanging in there, but seriously, that is IT!  I would love to paint, or not paint and keep the white walls.  Still deciding.  But it needs artwork on the walls.  Maybe stencil something on the walls?!?!  Just some simple things to freshen up the space.  Bigger projects I have in mind for the Master Bath -- frame out the builder grade mirror and change out the lighting. The lighting in there is hideous!  If I can't figure out a way to change that look of it without replacing it, then it will be changed completely!

5.  DIY Reclaimed Wood Mirror

I've been holding out on buying a floor mirror for my master bedroom for a few months now.  Actually since June of 2013 to be exact, when I painted and decorated the space.  I always wanted to make a reclaimed wood floor length mirror for the space instead of spending well over $100 on buying one.  So, this is definitely on the list!  A must do!  

6.  Get my husband's Man-Cave back in order.

I used a lot of items in the bookshelves of the man-cave around the house for Christmas.  So when all of those items get put back into the space, it will be a great time to freshen up the space.  I am thinking of a DIY artwork project using some photography I took in October in Charleston, SC.  I would LOVE to change out the lighting in there as well with something new and fun, and INEXPENSIVE!

7.  DIY Rug

I have always wanted to paint my own rug.  I'm not sure where I would put it, maybe in the man cave or use it in my antique booth, but either way, it is on my list of things to try!

8.   DIY Kids Kitchenette 

I promised my niece I would make her a play kitchen for her 1st Birthday!  I only have 2 months to get this completed!  And that doesn't seem like a lot of time..... I have been looking at some closely online and it seems like A LOT of work!  I'm not sure if I have all of the tools available that I would need to make this happen.  So this goal might be a little far fetched this year!  Next year?

9.  New Blog Design/Branding

Now that I have my own business (full-time) I want to focus more on my brand, my overall look of my blog, and make it the best it can be! (maybe rename my company?!?!)

10.  Learn, Learn, Learn!

I love to learn about new things and my goal this year is to continue learning about everything!  I want to learn everything I can about blogging.  I want to learn more about building and wood working skills.  I want to learn more about growing a successful company.  I want to learn more about other bloggers and how to network with them.  I want to continue to learn about interior design, trends of the new year, and give my clients the best possible designs! You can never stop learning!

11.  Kitchen Update

I have been dying to put in a back splash in our kitchen.  This just might be the year that gets accomplished!

Overall, my goal this year (for my own home) is to TRY and DO a lot more DIY projects!  This is the year I will learn new traits, new skills, and hone in on my DIY skills! 

What do you want to see JSD accomplish this year?  Any DIY projects or posts you would like to see me do?  


  1. HI!! I'm Val from I'm Kelly Alberts friend!!!! She told me about your blog. I have been on your page for like 5 seconds and I can already tell I'm gonna have spend the whole rest of my evening looking at everything!!! :-) #newfanalert

    1. Hi Val! Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad you likedy blog. It is so fun to connect with other local creative bloggers. I am now spending the rest of my evening looking at your blog! And yes, I am also enjoying the throwback Miller Lite cans! :-) typically I just posted about client designs but this year will be much more about day-to-day as a designer and some DIY projects of my own so stay tuned! Hopefully we can meet up in the future.


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