Friday, August 21, 2015

Entry Way {Client Design}

It is not everyday when a client throws their hands up in the air and says, "do whatever you want!"  I mean, talk about a dream client!  Yes, there was a budget, as there always is, but since this client had seen my work and trusted I would do a good job, the entire Entry Way design was basically one huge surprise to them!  Which I loved!

Remember this Dining Room reveal I posted a couple of weeks ago.....

Well, while I was designing their Dining Room, I also designed their entry way.

An entry way or foyer is so important in an home because it is the first thing a guest sees upon entering your home.  It is their first impression of the space, it welcomes them into the home, and really sets the tone to the entire house!

I love designing entry ways because it normally doesn't take a lot of money or materials to make a huge impact in the space.  You just need some key features to get started and then layer in some accessories, and that is it!

RUG:  this rug from West Elm was perfect for the space because of its graphic pattern and sisal material.  You don't want to buy anything you don't want dirty shoes to touch in the entry way.

TABLE:  I love this table from World Market.  It is one of my favorite go-to pieces that I have used in other client's homes.  It is mutli-functional anywhere in the home and you can't beat the price.

MIRROR:  since we didn't have to buy a lot of pieces for the space, I really wanted something a bit spectacular and grand here.  So I opted for this amazing Parsons mirror from West Elm in gray + white in an octagon shape rather than your traditional round or oval mirror.  

LIGHTING:  I like the symmetry of having two lamps on a table in an entry way if you have enough space for it. 

ACCESSORIES:  keep it simple when it comes to the accessories in the entry way.   I incorporated a small, shallow bowl in case you want a place to throw your keys or empty your pockets.  A (fake) plant for some greenery and a picture frame with an inspiring quote that can changed out seasonally.  

This is how I REALLY design a space...........

Because this family just built this home and recently moved in, I had a blank slate to work with!  Love when that happens!

The Everett Table from World Market is perfect for this space because it looooong!  There was a lot of wall space to fill up here.  And, it is hard to tell, but there are two drawers on this table for a little extra storage.

Can't decide what to hang on the wall in an entry way?!? Hang a mirror!  Mirrors are perfect for an entry way because they reflect the light and make the space feel a little bit bigger, and, as an added bonus, you can check your make-up or put on your lipstick on your way out! :)

When you find two great mirrors you like equally, it is really hard to decide on which to buy.  That's why I like to put together these renderings to give me an idea of what the space will look like with each mirror.  Ultimately, I still couldn't decide even after an Instagram vote that turned into a tie, so I chose the octagon mirror.  Solely because the shape is a little different than what I would normally choose.

"what I love most about my home is who I share it with" because really, that is the most important part!

I am pretty obsessed with this rug!!  I want one for my own house now!

This familly arrived home just as I was finishing the decorating and putting every last thing in its place.  So, I made them close their eyes and I showed them the transformed spaces "HGTV surprise style."  It was so fun!  Their three daughters loved the space and gave me a huge group hug.  The littlest, who is three, thought the two spaces were "just adorable!!"  :)

Rug-West Elm  //  Everett Table-World Market  //  Octagon Parsons Mirror-West Elm  //  Glass Lamps-Target  //  Basket-Home Goods  //  Lanterns-Home Goods  //  Picture Frame-Target  //  Fake Succulent Plant-Tuesday Morning  //  Decorative Bowl-West Elm

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