Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A New Home for New Memories {Client Design}

This was a very, very special project for me that is near & dear to my heart....

What I haven't mentioned in the previous posts here and here about my design process of designing this home was why they decided to build a new house....

Tragically, last April, our friends lost their home and almost everything that was in it in a fire.  I remember getting the news and my husband and I just grabbing anything we could in our closets and threw it in a bag, just so they would have clothes to wear the next few days.  I couldn't imagine what they had to go through during this time of loss.  Luckily no one was hurt and both of their doggies were safe!  It has been quite the journey for them, getting to the place they are now, but today they have a brand new, beautiful home to make new memories in.

art by For The Love of Letters

When they came to me to help them rebuild their home and design the interior of the home, I knew for one, that I definitely wanted to help with this project, and two, that it was going to be a very special project.  It truly was a privilege of mine to work on rebuilding this home for them!

I wanted to preserve their memories from the old home, but give them light and hope of making new memories in their new home.  I used things like quotes around the home to remind them of how blessed they are and to inspire them to look forward to better things ahead.


floor lamp from Target  //  side table from Overstock

clock from World Market  //  drapes from Target  //  table lamp from Target

Home Sweet Home sign from For The Love of Letters
 The best part of this gallery wall is that the couple was able to save wood from the previous homes deck.  They used that wood to make the brown picture frames shown here.  They will always have a piece of their first home in their new home.

more info on media cabinet here

artwork from World Market  //  greenery from Tuesday Morning

artwork from For The Love of Letters

rug from Home Goods

console table from World Market  //  striped table runner from Home Goods


iron + wood art from Hobby Lobby

drapes from Target

duvet cover from Home Goods

ottoman from Target

pillows from Target

framed print from Hobby Lobby

shower curtain from Target

framed print from Hobby Lobby  //  towels from Target  //  plant from IKEA

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  1. Beautiful work and beautiful story ..(in the sense of them coming full circle from tragedy.)


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