Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Interview with Floor Coverings International

It is always a humbling experience when a big time company contacts me about being their 'featured designer' on their blog.  Not saying it happens very often, which is why it makes it so special for me.  It's nice to hear that someone found my blog and liked my work enough to showcase it on their website.

Floor Coverings International is a flooring company, as you might have guessed, out of California, but with multiple locations around the U.S.  They contacted me for their blog for a quick interview to bring insight from a designer to their readers.

Here's how the interview turned out:

I always find it a bit hard and intimidating to answer these interview questions.  I put so much thought into it because I want it to portray my true feelings and the real me.  I am not the best writer, I just try my best, but I always want to sound real and honest.  

Floor Coverings International has a great blog with all of the insight on flooring.  Whether you are trying to figure out what type of flooring is best for you, how to clean your flooring, or the current design trends, odds are they have written about it on their blog.  Check out their blog HERE.  

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