Monday, March 21, 2016

Early Birthday Celebration at The Cake Bake Shop

photo from The Cake Bake Shop Instagram @thecakebakeshop

Let the birthday celebrations begin!!  30th birthday that is!  Eeeekkk!  That's a big one.  What a better way to kick off my birthday week than to eat a huge piece of birthday (carrot) cake with a couple of my girlfriends at Indy's best bakery in town.  These are seriously the best cakes I have ever had!  There are no words at the amazingness this shop has, from the decor to the desserts, it is all around the best bakery in town.  Forget the cupcake craze, go have a slice of cake!

The Cake Bake Shop is owned and ran by the renowned baker Gwen Rogers.  She has made cakes for the stars and celebrities, and is well-known for cake baking for the actors of Dumb and Dumberer.  Her shop is far from Dumb and Dumber though.  It oozes anything girly-girl from the glitter and pink blush tones throughout the shop.  Every piece of dessert is lightly dusted with edible glitter.  The dessert case, where you choose your dessert of choice, doesn't end at just cakes.  There are pies, lemon bars, scones, cookies, whatever you fancy.

I chose the Carrot Cake for my guilty pleasure!  Between all of the chocolate cakes, and the ones oozing with caramel or topped with cookies, the carrot cake just spoke to me.  My friend Valerie chose the Red Velvet, which was topped with gorgeous frosting roses and my friend Kelly chose this decadent chocolate cake looked divine with like a caramel candy bar filling. 

The birthday girls!  It was Kelly's 30th birthday just a few days earlier, so we celebrated both of us saying goodbye to our 20's!  :( 

photo from The Cake Bake Shop Instagram @thecakebakeshop

photo from The Cake Bake Shop Instagram @thecakebakeshop

photo from The Cake Bake Shop Instagram @thecakebakeshop

I would highly recommend The Cake Bake Shop to anyone looking for a fun little girls outing.  It is the perfect place for a birthday, celebration, or anniversary.  They have a private room, though small, that can be reserved for a baby shower or wedding shower.  

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