Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's a......BOY!!!!

Over Mother's Day weekend, we revealed the gender of our first baby arriving in September to our family!!

The big news is out!  I am expecting!!! Half way through at 22 weeks now!

I haven't been able to post on my blog lately because I have had A LOT going on in my life.  In January, my husband and I found out that we will be expecting our first child mid-September.  In January, we also broke ground on our new home we've been working on building the last 6 months.  In the past 2 weeks, we found out our baby's gender and moved into our new home!!  The past few months have been a whirlwind and unfortunately, blogging just has to take a back seat to ensure this busy momma gets the rest she needs right now.  But now that I have so many new and exciting things happening, I can't wait to share everything with all of my followers.

My husband and I found out the gender of the baby at the doctors office about a week and a half ago.  It's been tough not spilling the beans to our family and friends in the meantime, especially when they were asking us a million questions to see if we would slip up and reveal it early!  Well we didn't, and the gender reveal party turned out great!!  It was a great time to have some of our closest family over to our new home and surprise them with either a little girl or little boy addition to the family!!

I still can't believe I'm getting a little baby boy in a few short months!  For some reason, throughout this entire pregnancy, I kept thinking it was going to be a girl!  I have a lot to learn about being a boy momma!!

My neice Emersyn has always thought the baby was going to be a boy!  And here are some other predictions from my family.

These pictures crack me up!  You would have thought I was surprised it was a BOY too even though I had known the gender of our baby for the last week and a half before this!  We found out "the old fashioned way" at the doctor's office during the 20 week ultrasound.  I think I was just so excited to finally share the news with our family.  (and maybe still thought pink balloons would magically pop out!  haha!) Meanwhile, my husband is a little less surprised because, duh!, he knew it was a boy!  :)

This Papa Bear is pretty excited to be having a baby boy!! ;)

Luckily, since we just moved into our new house a week and a half before this, we had a ton of boxes to hide balloons in for the reveal.  I wrapped the box in brown craft paper.  Painted a heart on the front with black paint.  Hung a blue banner and pink banner to the front to dress it up a bit, which was just made out of scrapbook paper.  Then wrote all the words on the front with a chalk marker.  Party City has just about every party theme possible, so I bought most of the blue and pink decor from them.  I made the 'BOY OR GIRL' banner out of scrapbook paper.  The "blue drink" was blue gatorade and the "pink drink" was pink lemonade.  The drink dispensers I recently bought from World Market and I love that you can fill the center with fruit.  I had to buy a separate drink stand from Target to go with it.  

Thankfully we moved into our new house just in time to have a few family members over to announce the news.  It made the gender reveal that much more special to be in the new house we will be bringing this little nugget home to! 


  1. So cute and fun! Boys really are a ton of fun! They love their Mommy so fierce. Its so special! Can't wait to see more of the house and nursery plans!

    1. I am REALLY excited about having a boy, I was just SO shocked! Hopefully I can just keep up with him! ;) Oh, I have no idea what to do with the nursery! I am all over the place!


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