Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To the Moon and Back

Have I mentioned we chose which theme we want to go with for our baby boy's nursery?!?

My husband and I actually agreed on a theme for the baby's nursery!  I really don't know how I would have decided if we both would have chosen a different theme.  Let's face it, I do this for a living, so I am taking over the design of this room with very little help or input from him.  This is my domain!  But he still wants to be very involved and is very interested in what I am putting in this room, so I wanted to be sure I asked his opinion on this.  And after all, he is a guy.  I wanted the input of a male figure to make sure this room is really masculine and cool for our little guy.  I really wanted him to like the room as much as me or the baby.

I kind of already had my mind made up between the WOODLAND BEAR theme and the MOON & STARS theme.  So, I was almost very nervous to ask his opinion, afraid he wouldn't choose want I wanted! :)  Isn't that how us women always are about everything anyways when we ask our husbands' opinions?!?  So we both loved and decided on..........

moons & stars nursery theme

I am SO excited to finally have a clear vision of what we both want in the nursery design and can finally start buying items and putting this room together!  Other than the moon and stars theme in the nursery, I really want his nursery to have a cool, masculine look with mid-century furniture and a whimsical bohemian feel.  This nusery below is one I found online while looking for inspiration and everything about it just exudes the feeling I am after for this nursery! 

While they chose to do a dark NAVY accent wall, I opted for a black accent wall, I LOVED everything about this space and really hope for a similar look in my baby's nursery.  Take away the crib and you would never even know this was a nursery.  That is how I love to design kid's spaces.  Some people may think it is too grown up or not fun enough, but I think the playroom is where you can get really fun and crazy with color.  (I haven't even thought about that room yet -- it is kind of still full of decor overflow!  I am just thrilled our new home has a designated playroom.)

You can find more on Levi's nursery featured above HERE and HERE.  

I'm trying not to buy too many items for Baby M until after my baby shower.  But I just couldn't resist with this adorableness!  Moccasins are a must have and a baby can never have too many moccs or too many hats in this case!  He is already gathering a collectin of adorable hats which will be great for fall and winter, but this black & white cross hat was too cute to pass up.  A pacifier clip is a must have as well, so I bought this handmade clip in black & white made of leather.

Sources:  moccasins  //  hat  //  pacifier clip
(all of these products were made by local Indy artists)

11 more weeks to go!  This photo was from our 4 year anniversary dinner on June 23rd.  I also had just passed my glucose test, so there was a little celebrating with lots of carbs and dessert!! :) 

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