Thursday, August 18, 2016

Baby Shower {Part II}

Baby Showers are so fun, why stop at just one?!?  My invite list was getting so long between both sides of my family, both sides of his family, and friends, that it was so much easier to break it up into 2 different events.  More fun that way and more cake for me! :)  First was the "friends" shower a few weeks ago.  I am so glad we decided to do this, not only as an excuse to eat more cake, but I actually got to enjoy the time with friends and family and talk to them without feeling like I was just making small talk, making my rounds through the room.

The following week we had the "family" shower which was held at my sister's beautfiul new home.


We used the same decor as the previous week, at my first baby shower, but this baby shower was all about the cupcakes!!!  A family friend, Cupcakes by Heidi, from my home town of Brookville, IN made them for us and they were divine!  They were so good and really the hit of the party!  Everyone thought these cupcakes were from some big fancy place here in Indy but are actually made in Heidi's kitchen in her home.  She is a very talented baker!

In all, we had Strawberry, Oreo, and Peanut Butter flavored cupcakes and there was no clear favorite for me.  They were all delicious! 

We changed up the Baby Shower games a bit for this crowd and tested their knowledge on how well they know their nursery rhymes.  Personally, I need to work on mine, but surprisingly, some people knew all or almost all of the questions!!! 

These amazing family members traveled all the way from Texas and Wisconsin to be here to celebrate!

My beautiful momma who provided all of the gorgeous flowers for the day.

My amazing sister who put so much work into not only one but two baby showers for me. 



Grandma Stout

Grandma, Gail & Betsy


We are in the home stretch now with only 4 weeks to go!  Let the nesting commence!! 

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