Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Client's Home Office {Just the Beginning}

Fall and Winter are great times to focus on the indoors and to spruce up a room in your house that has been bringing you down.  You may remember this house that I started working on last August (2012) as a young family built their dream home.  (I still have lots of after photos to show you of the gorgeous interiors, but as you know, there is a lot to get done with a space before it is perfectly camera ready).  So, for now, we are focusing on the Home Office.

When the house was built last year, I picked out the wall color and the lighting fixture, and we always new we would get back to it eventually.  And now we have!  So I am so excited to have a blank slate to work with because I have lots of great ideas for this family's space.

The perfect Inspiration for this room. 
 This photo mimics the wall color of the room almost perfectly, a bit darker here.  The overall tone or feeling I want to create for the family is perfect, with the nostalgic black and white photos, gold and brass accents, the wood, leather, and linen textures -- everything about this room is perfect and I plan to create the same feeling in their Home Office. 

I am giving the homeowners 2 options when it comes to the furniture layout.  The first option includes a settee for the sitting area, while the second option includes two different chairs.  Both are great options, but I am leaving this one up to the homeowners!

We might not all have $3000 to spend on a fabulous settee or a worn-in leather chair, but there is beautiful furniture out there for a fraction of the cost.  It is just about knowing where to find it and being creative when looking for just the right piece.  After all, Jessica Stout Design is all about designing on a realistic budget, inspired by the high end look.  That is why I am giving the homeowners options for the furniture pieces, so I can stay within their budget.  

So here is a sneak peek of how the office looks now.  It is basically empty!  Now, I just have to sketch up some custom book case designs so they can get built and start shopping

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  1. Hi. I am wondering what programs you have used and are using now? If I am going to purchase a program I want to know that it is going to have the look I want. Also would like it to allow me to upload my own photos and from online.

    Where do you find paint colors online that look the mostly the same on a paint chip as they do online and are in a nice shape for a design board?
    Thank you,



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