Friday, July 11, 2014

{Road Trip} Charleston, SC & Asheville, NC

Last week at this time, I was lounging in a kiddie pool with my nephew in Charleston, SC!!!  It has been almost an entire week since I've been home from my road trip with my husband to Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC.  Sadly, the vacation is over, but I am still enjoying the images and memories we brought back with us.  I am so blessed to have family living in Charleston, SC who opens their homes to us for a wonderful vacation spot every year!  This year, my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend an entire week in the historical city of Charleston, SC and we even made a little stop on the way to Asheville, NC for our 2 year anniversary.  We have never visited Asheville during our many road trips to Charleston, so with such a long time off work, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spend less than 24 hours exploring the city (breweries) as much as possible.  Here is a look into all the fun and sight-seeing of our trip!!! 

Asheville, North Carolina

{Wicked Weed Brewery}
I loved these mirrors in the bathroom!  I always visit the restroom of a restaurant because sometimes they are the best part!!

dinner at {Farm Burger} it helps to do some research ahead of time before a road trip so you know where to go!

{Lex 18 Moonshine Bar}

{breakfast at the famous Tupelo Honey Cafe}

Charleston, South Carolina

{first palm tree sighting!!!}

{Angel Oak Tree on John's Island, SC}

we stopped off at this little island while boating and found this beautiful shaded area under the trees

I am so grateful for my sister-in-law in Charleston who also has a love for everything design and architecture.  She knows just about every place and every restaurant in town, so she makes the perfect tour guide to always see something new in the city.

{Two Boroughs Larder}

 can't go to Charleston without getting some golf time in

{Arsenal Designed}

 a day of shopping, antiquing, and checking out some new shops for inspiration

{Landrum Tables}

the most AMAZING custom tables -- coffee tables, dining, islands -- made from old, reclaimed wood.  if you are local in Charleston, SC, you HAVE to check out this place!  their furniture is all over town in restaurants and bars and boutques. everything is hand-crafted and hand-painted right there in their woodshop that they let us tour.

4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!

 we always have amazing food -- my brother-in-law is a chef!  lucky us!

{Firefly Distillery}

{Bowen's Island} seafood dinner near Folly Beach


  1. This post made me like stupid hungry for one…but also it looks sooo amazing. You guys went to some really fun places!!!! Adding it to my list of places to go! ;-)

    1. You HAVE to visit some day!! It really is an amazing city with so many things to do. We visit a couple of times a year and never go to the same place or the same restaurant. I can give you some great recommendations if you ever go!! :)


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