Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yellow + Gray Modern Master Bath

i was so happy to hear from these past clients again after just successfully renovating their master bathroom en-suite.  i am always humbled to work with clients over and over throughout their lives and house decorating journey.  they did an amazing job selecting all the finishes, the vanities, and the paint color.  but they ran out of steam after the long renovation and needed my help to complete the space with the smaller finishing details that really complete a space. i knew this already gorgeous space was going to be an easy transformation with just the right pieces.  upon seeing the space, the bathroom was tranquil, cool grays and whites.  however, the homeowner wanted me to add some splashes of color to the space so that it didn't seem too sterile (even though i liked the simplicity of just the white and gray).  she left the color scheme up to me and after finding some great bath towels from Target, i decided to use a gray + yellow color palette for the space.  a couple of requests for the space were shelves for displaying pretty objects (there isn't a lot of areas to decorate in a bathroom) and a clock somewhere in the space (for keeping track of time in the morning while getting ready), among the other needs of a bathroom.  i love how the bathroom really feels like a luxurious spa with the finishes they chose, and the few splashes of yellow bring a brightness + cheeriness to the space!  see more of the beginning design scheme here



    1. I am glad you like it!! It was one that I picked from Home Goods and I just wasn't sure about it...if i like it, if it was too modern, but I LOVED it once I saw it in the space!!!


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