Monday, July 28, 2014

Uncorked + Unwined Link Up!!

It's LINK UP time again for our Uncorked + Unwined Party.  And this time I hosted the wine party at my home!! 

{for more information on what this 'link up' party is all about, see here}

Since our new UNCORKED vision is geared toward a more low-key, casual get-together with girlfriends, drinking wine of course, we gathered at my home for a viewing of 'The American Blogger.'  If you are a blogger yourself, you HAVE to watch this movie.  There were a lot of mixed reviews about this movie, but personally I enjoyed it!  I related to a lot of the bloggers' stories about what they love about blogging and why they decided to have a blog.  You can download and watch the documentary on American Blogger site.

Erin from Living in Yellow is a local Indiana blogger on the movie!!  She's so famous!!!
Here are some snippets of our party!  I love to entertain!  It's not very often that we have friends over to our home, so for me, it is so fun to dig out my nice serving trays, make some h'ordeurves and have a fun little wine tasting party!  

because you can't get your wine glasses mixed up!!

personal cheesecakes -- strawberries at the bottom + cheesecake + graham cracker crumbs = easy and YUMMY dessert!

we all brought a bottle of wine so that we could all taste new + different wines!  Tisdale is one of my all time favorite, inexpensive wines from Earthfare.  This Chardonnay is under $10 a bottle.  

I wore my new shirt from Dottie Couture Boutique!!  Necklace from and skirt from Loft Outlet.  

BLOGGERS!!  we were missing a few ladies who couldn't make it! :( 
 Aleks from A Slocum Story
Val from Chicken Scratch

....but we had some new ladies join this time and we are talking them into starting a Blog!!!  Just do it!!

I had some good reviews on my pasta salad so I thought I would just share the recipe.  It is the perfect Summer pasta salad!  Light and refreshing!  (I had to use parsley this time in place of basil, but basil is so much better for this!!)

You can always follow along with the prep of our events and the pictures from the events with hashtag #uncorkedandwined on Instagram.  Or hashtag your own wine events so we can see how you like to enjoy your wine -- with or without your girlfriends!!  

The next link up party will be posted on Monday September 29!!  Plan an event before then and you can link-up with us!!  

See everyone's linked up post below!! 


  1. You did an awesome job hosting this party! I LOVED the personal cheesecakes, what a great idea!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting!! It was a FABULOUS time!! xoxoxoxo I can't wait until we are all together again! lol


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