Monday, August 11, 2014

A Longtime Friend For Over 23 Years

After spending a three-day-weekend in Ohio for a longtime friend's bachelorette party, it struck me how important she is in my life and how much I cherish her friendship!  So I decided to do a little post today on how much i love her and appreciate her love back!

She struck my heart this weekend when she whispered in my ear "a friend since kindergarten is a very special thing to have. Thank you for always being such a great friend for all these years!"

We can pick up where we left off if it's months before we see each other.  
We always know how to laugh and enjoy life together. 
We can lean on each other in times of need. 
We can talk to each other about happy and sad events of our life.
We both know our friendship is easy between us and we enjoy each other's company! 

I am so happy and honored to stand by her side in a few weeks when she gets married!  What a weekend!  I need a vacation day to rest from this mini-vacation!!!  

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