Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guest Bath Design Scheme {gray + coral}

Kids are back to school, the holidays, yes, the holidays are in the near future, and so it is the time of year to remodel and redecorate your homes!  Or at least it feels that way!  I have been SO busy meeting with new clients (yay!!) and putting together new design schemes for a lot of new future projects.  If you are waiting on your design scheme from me, bare with me, I am working away on them!!!  :)  After a meeting with my contractor, a trip to Lowe's, a stop into Target, I have a start to a bathroom design scheme.

image from Lowe's Home Improvement website
How do you start something like this you ask?  I hear this question all the time....where do I start?  So, here is how I start......I talk to my client first about colors.  What colors do you envision for this space?  The existing white vanity is staying, so my first choice for the walls were a soft gray.  I love a bright, clean feel in bathrooms.   I will pick the exact gray later, but as a start, we agreed that a light gray on the walls was the definite answer.  You can then bring in accent colors in towels, shower curtain, and artwork.  Every color matches gray.  YES!  REALLY!  People are still having trouble believing that, but gray really is the new neutral.  We did the cool blues and greens in this client's Master Bath and Bedroom so I wanted to go a different direction in her guest bath.

I headed to Target and to Home Goods to look at towels.  I wanted to find a favorite towel, just like I would with fabric in any other room, and use the colors in that to move forward with the design and accent colors.  What I found were beautiful towels from both places with gray and corals.  I also found the perfect shower curtain with the same colors from World Market.  So I knew right away gray and coral would be the color scheme for this bathroom.

A Quick Tip:  Stick to just two main colors in a small space such as a bathroom.  Too many colors will give the space a cluttered, messy feel.  Two softer colors such as gray and coral will keep the space feeling clean, modern and open!

This client loves modern, contemporary design, but her home is more traditional.  So when putting together a design scheme for her bathroom, I kept the space on the transitional side.  Leaning on the contemporary side for the finishes -- tile, lighting, polished nickel hardware.  And the traditional side will show through in artwork, towels, and the shower curtain.  Do you love it!  I do!!  There is a loooooong work list on this one for such a little bathroom.


  1. Hi! LOVE love this flooring….could you please tell me the name/manufacturer? Thank you!!


    1. Thanks! It is the perfect neutral, gray tile. It is from Lowe's called  Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain Indoor/Outdoor Floor Tile.


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