Friday, September 5, 2014

How-To Decorate with Turquoise

You may think of decorating with turquoise only in the summer months, but it is a great accent color for fall too.  Most people think of only using it in the summer because the bright, cheery color reminds us of the ocean and the beach.  But darker shades of turquoise and teal are perfect accent colors in the fall paired with neutrals like gray, brown, or black.  You will see this color every where right now from West Elm and Target in their new fall home decor.  It is even a hot color trend in accent furniture with refinished antique pieces.

This neutral chair gets a punch of color with a turquoise and cream rug underfoot, a turquoise pillow with a gray and white patterned pillow, and turquoise accents on the rattan side table.

With this client, we started with a very neutral space -- dark hardwood floors, grayish/brown leather sofa, light tan accent chair, and gray walls.  My plan was to bring in lots of color and vibrancy to the room with the accents.  So we picked one color - turquoise - and all of the accents in the room are now in shades of turquoise!

Did you notice that amazing chandelier!!  The homeowners chose this during their home renovation to add some industrial style to the space!  It is really gorgeous!!!

Even though it felt like I was purchasing a lot of turquoise items, once they are all together in the space, the turquoise is not overwhelming at all!

When it comes to choosing objects and accessories for a room or bookcase in just one color, don't be afraid to mix different shades of that color.  For example, we chose turquoise for this space.  But I selected items in all shades of turquoise.  Turquoise can be a tricky color because it can lean towards green or more bright blue.  Instead of picking one or the other, I chose to do a mix of shades.  This gives the space more interest and a more sophisticated, collected look.  I also added in white and silver pieces to break up all the turquoise and add some dimension in the bookshelves.

I've said it time and time again, one of the easiest and least expensive things to add to a bookcase for color are BOOKS!  Who would have thought.  But some people completely forget to add books when styling bookshelves!  Go straight to Goodwill, look under the paper sleeves of the books, and pick your book based on the colors! Now throw the sleeves of the books away and display the beautiful books naked.   I chose books in shades of blue, turquoise, and teal for these shelves.

I shop everywhere when gathering items for bookshelves.  It gives it a more collected look than everything being so matchy-matchy!

Picture Frames -- Home Goods
Bird - West Elm
Clock - World Market Cost Plus
Cloche - Home Goods
Blue Paper Wight - Home Goods
Turquoise Vase - Home Goods
Dark Teal Vase - West Elm
Clear Lantern with Candle - World Market Cost Plus
Books - Goodwill

A good tip when decorating bookshelves like this -- buy more than you will use!  It really helps to have options when styling a space like this.  You may think something will work when you see it in the store, but once you get it home, you may not like it!  So, buy about 5-7 extra pieces to have on hand!

Dark Teal Vase - West Elm
White Vase - West Elm
Picture Frames - Home Goods
Turquoise Vase - Home Goods
Head Statue - Home Goods
Clear Lantern with Candle - World Market Cost Plus
Silver Sphere - Home Goods

 Between the rug, the barstools, the big comfy chair with turquoise accents, and all the turquoise in the bookshelves, I think this space has just the right amount of turquoise to make it bright and colorful with just the right amount of neutrals for the rustic, industrial style!  Do you have any turquoise in your home?  How have you used this color?


  1. Love it!! I think turquoise is such a fun happy color!!! Beautiful space!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Monica! Thanks for commenting. This rug was a random find from Home Goods. It was beautiful in the room. Look on or for something similar.


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