Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Obsessions 2014

 Some of my Fall obsessions include new clothes for my wardrobe!  After all, Fall weather is sweater weather!  Here are some items I am currently crushing on!

So, I am a little obsessed with J.Crew Factory store!  They were having good Labor Day sales, what can I say.  I knew what I was looking for and they happened to have it.  These wine colored tights will be great dressed up with a black cocktail dress and heels or even dressed down with boots and sweatshirt dress.  I have a very thin cheetah belt similar to this, but I loved this one because it is much thicker.  And I DO wear my cheetah belt a lot!  It dresses up a simple black outfit for work or even a simple plaid shirt like shown.  The sweater is perfect for layering!  It is a light-weight sweater with 3/4 sleeves so it will look great even over this new button-up!  This washed shirt has already been a good transition piece with shorts, with jeans, or under a sweater for colder winter days to come. 

Which brings up another point!  Do you call a collared shirt a "button-up" like I do?  Or do you call it a "button-down?"  Random question, I know, but I've always just called it a "button-up" and some people think I'm crazy for it!   

Leather:  I am noticing a lot of leather accents and details on everything from cocktail dresses, t-shirts, and pants.  I am loving this simple shirt from Ann Taylor with just the right amount of leather on the sleeves and on the front pocket.  Let's not get crazy with the leather, though.  I am not trying to look like a biker babe!

Leopard/Cheetah:  I have always loved a touch of leopard or cheetah in my wardrobe.  Obviously, I just bought my second leopard belt and have some leopard flats already.  But those flats have been worn so many times they are falling apart.  It is time for a new pair.  These are Steve Madden from DSW.  I love that they are a more subtle cheetah print.

Green Canvas:  This warm green shade is great for Fall.  I have some winter leggings in this color that I love!  But I am really wanting a canvas jacket like this one from Old Navy and some green canvas pants.  Any kind of transitional piece that I can wear on casual work days, dress it up, or wear on the weekends are perfect for my wardrobe.  These pants are versatile enough for any occasion.

Burgundy:  If you haven't noticed this burgundy/maroon/dark purple trend this Fall in fashion then you are living under a rock!!  Or just haven't been shopping yet!! Seriously, it is everywhere and I LOVE it!!!  I have the wine colored tights and the sweater for layering but I just think you can never have enough of this color.  Fall -- into Christmas season -- add some sparkle and these pants would be perfect for a casual New Year's Eve night.  They work for Fall and Winter so they are a must-have!  Oh, and I also just bought Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick in this color!  I am not a lipstick person normally, but I might be now! :)

Top Knots:  My hair is finally growing out and getting long enough for a knot!  Maybe not quite a top knot but a low bun is a start!

**images from clothing website or from Pinterest**


  1. I'm sooo not a red person until just the last few years and I have to say I'm real jazzed about all the burgandy/maroon! I just ordered some maroon "Liquid" a.k.a. pleather leggings and a maroon bubble necklace. I'm loving it paired with leopards and browns sooo much right now.

    1. maroon pleather leggings?!?! Those sounds amazing! I want to see those! I'm pretty obsessed with this color right now.


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