Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vacation for the Soul

It is nice to get away for a couple of days to clear the mind, de-stress, eat good food, drink some crafted cocktails, and laugh a lot with family and friends!  It is just good for the soul!  It is a great way to recharge, and refresh yourself.  For me, there is no better place to do that than in Charleston, South Carolina.  We like to take the quick 12 hour drive to visit our family that lives there when we can.  Even though we come home a bit exhausted from all the hustle and bustle of traveling, really we come home relaxed and full of energy for life.  A few days in Charleston gets me so inspired for projects, work, and life.  After 7 years of traveling there now, we are getting the know the city so well after all of our trips, it is amazing to see all the new restaurants and things to do each time we go.  There is so much to do in Charleston, that we are always trying new places and new things.

This trip was even more special because my husband's sister graduated from College of Charleston.  We are so proud of her for her hard work in the Historic Preservation department with the college.  I know she is going to do amazing things with historic preservation wherever she goes.

"Let's Savor this day, the beauty of the world God made, the richness of family and friendship, the good gifts of creativity and work.  All these things are worth savoring."

Now that I have that vacation out of my system...I will be back to blogging! :)

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