Friday, May 29, 2015

Gray + Gold Bathroom Design Board

Bathrooms are SO much fun for me to design!  I love them because there are so many details that go into such a small space and great design is really all about the details.  There is a lot more to designing a bathroom than one might think.  Basically, you have just as many elements and design planning as a kitchen design, but just on a much smaller scale.

This bathroom design is for a basement remodel I am working on.  Overall, the basement is going to be a modern, rustic space, but for the bathroom, I wanted to create something really different than any other bathroom that I have designed and do something really fun for all the guests they will be entertaining in their new basement.

First order of business was pulling together some inspiration photos for the client to see.  Normally, I have all of my ideas in my head, but the clients like to "see" what I have in mind, so the easiest way to do that is to scour the internet for inspiration photos.


I am pretty much in love, obsessed, with this space!  From the floors to the gray cabinets to the GOLD!  It is perfection.  And this image really portrayed exactly what I want to give the clients in their bathroom.  This is the main bathroom in the basement, as well as the bathroom next to the guest room in the basement, so I thought, why not give their guests a really amazing, showstopping bathroom that they will leave talking about! 


Originally, this was our inspiration for the basement bathroom.  A little more modern, rustic to match the rest of the decor of the basement, mainly because we all LOVED the floors in this photo.  It is a tile that looks like wood and laid in a herringbone pattern.  The main objective for our bathroom was to get this herringbone pattern on the floor.  However, after looking at the tile options and the space we had in the bathroom, the floor space just wasn't big enough to get the herringbone pattern we wanted in a larger tile such as this.


So, the compromise was to choose a smaller tile that can still be laid in herringbone pattern.  But with a smaller tile, you will be able to see the pattern much better in a smaller space and the pattern won't get lost as it would have done in a larger tile.  Now, the floors for the bathroom will look much more like these photos with a smaller marble tile.  (Which I kind of love even more than the wood tile!)


Some other inspiration photos for the space.....

source unknown


I have been eyeing that mirror from West Elm for a while, so I was so happy to see what it looked like in this bathroom.  And that little vintage looking towel holder from Urban Outfitters is perfect for layering in some different textures.  I love mixing new with old (looking) items.

from Elements of Style

Ultimately, after looking at lots of plumbing options in gold, we have decided to go with the Kohler Purist Collection.  It looks amazing here in Erin's Master Bathroom, shown above.  I am so excited to see all the pieces together in the space. 



Here is how I envision our space to come together.  All of the cabinetry in the basement will be custom made, so luckily, I can choose any gray paint color for the cabinets, which is still undecided -- light or dark?

I haven't decided on a mirror yet, but I still really like the look of this West Elm herringbone bone inlay mirror.  

But for now, we just have a blank slate.............

Can't WAIT to see it all come together!!!!  

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