Thursday, May 28, 2015

Navy & Green Room to Grow {After}

A few months ago, a mom from Georgia contacted me to help her design her growing son's bedroom.  She was looking to redecorate his "little boy" space into a room he could grow into and enjoy until he was in high school.  E-Design's are perfect for projects like this, where the client feels capable of doing the shopping and decorating themselves, they just have a hard time knowing where to start and how to coordinate all of the new furnishings to create a beautiful bedroom.  Check out the original blog post here to see how we started the project with Mood Boards and a furniture layout.  

Out of the three options I gave them, this is the floor plan I suggested, which was different than the space's original layout.  Sometimes it is nice to move the furniture around to create a different feel to the space you are trying to change.


This is how the bed was placed in the corner, BEFORE.


And this is what the bed now looks like with the new furniture layout I suggested.  Taking that bed out of the corner and placing the headboard against that wall creates a more grown up bedroom space for this guy.

 This is the "desk" area BEFORE.  It was really just wasted space.  There were a couple of "kiddish" book shelves that weren't helping with the new grown-up space, so those had to go.  We brought in this industrial style book shelf for books, toys, and trophies for a more grown-up, manly look.

The biggest improvement of this little niche was creating a work space for homework and actually utilizing this area.



This boy now has some fun art that will grow with him through the years, but since he is still only 10, it also fits with his age now.  Those awesome wire baskets are great for books and keeping the space organized.


Before, his dresser was covered with trophies and all those little things kids seem to have.  So I wanted to create a space for his trophies that made them feel more special and important.

I suggested floating shelves for this wall because it gives those trophies more importance by having their own area.  And it is a great way to display special items and artwork.

Even though there are a few items that are slightly different than what I chose for them, I love how they incorporated all of my ideas and ran with it.  They really created a great space once I led them to the key pieces needed to bring this space together.  It didn't take a lot to create such a huge impact for a growing little boy's bedroom.

The great thing about E-Design is that they are open to interpretation.  So you don't have to furnish the room exactly like I am suggesting, but they are merely suggestions.  You can finish the room as you feel fit for the space and for your budget.  Most of the time, I will always add in a few ideas you didn't ask for, such as an additional night stand in this case, so that you can always add to the space in the future if you want.

And it is always so sweet and humbling to hear such fantastic feedback from a client I have never even met!  She has no idea how much these sweet words mean to me.

"I cannot recommend Jessica's E-design service enough.  I have been following her blog for about a year now and I love her taste and work.  I was very excited when I saw that she offered online design services.  It only took a few emails and pictures to convey what I was looking for and Jessica blew me away with what she came up with.  She provided a detailed source list using vendors I had said that I would prefer to use.  I was able to pull the room together on my own very quickly and efficiently right at what I wanted to spend.  I never would have been able to turn this room into what I wanted without her services.  I look forward to working with her again very soon."   --Beth, from Georgia

And that, my friends, is why I love what I do, and why my job is SO rewarding to me!  Contact me today if you are looking for help with any of your spaces or interested in an E-design.

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