Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jack & Jill Bathroom Stripes

Painted stripes on a wall are one of my all time favorite ways to add BIG impact in a room.  

You can do horizontal stripes on the wall in just about any room of the house, including a foyer, bathroom, kids' rooms, playroom, dining room, or living room.  Depending on the room, you can change the paint colors to create the look you are going for.  And it goes with every design style from sophistated, to modern, fun kids' space.  Just make sure the two colors you choose are contrasting enough to really see a visible stripe. 

I saw this great idea on painting a Jack & Jill bathroom in coordinating horizontal stripes this year at the Indianapolis Home-A-Rama.  I was so excited when I came across this recent project that had the perfect space to recreate a similar look.

So here is the plan...hopefully this makes sense!  :)

The fun part of this plan is that I created a color scheme for 5 different spaces, that all coordinate together into one cohesive space overall.

Each bedroom has their own unique style and paint color -- one painted a minty green almost turquoise color and the other painted a light gray.

Here's the fun part...

We then swapped the same exact paint colors and painted each girls' bathroom the opposite color.

In the middle room, which houses the tub and toilet, horizontal stripes were painted around the entire room in both the paint colors of AT SEA (mint green) and PASSIVE (light gray).

How adorable and fun is that?!?  I love how it turned out.  It just brings the entire space all together!

Here is the Design Plan for each space with the paint colors.

Bedroom #1:
Lighting is from Shades of Light from the Young House Love Collection.  
Curtains are from Target.  

Bedroom #2:
Lighting is from Shades of Light from the Young House Love collection. 
Curtains are from Target. 

Each girl has their own space where their bathroom vanity is.  Then they share a room for the shower and toilet.  I think it would be even more adorable if they add in a third color into the design plan -- maybe a coral as an accent color.  Coral looks so pretty with both gray and mint green.

Bath towels all from Target.  Shower Curtain from World Market. 

Now, I didn't just pull these paint colors together overnight.  It took some planning, as any color selection should prior to painting.  

I LOVE choosing paint colors for clients!  It has kind of become my thing recently! But mint green can definitely be a challenging paint color to select.  A mint green paint color can lean too blue, too green, or even too bright!  There is nothing worse for me, than when you choose a paint color and it is WAY brighter and more bold than you thought!  It is always a real bummer!  (One day I will do a post on all of my favorite paint colors, and all of those pait colors to stay away from!  One day!) 

So, I headed to Pinterest and searched for the perfect mint green paint color.  I loved this shade of mint green I found from The Handmade Home website.   It was exactly what I was looking for, but you can never be sure of a color just by looking at a picture online because it can look so different in person.  The color she used is Benjamin Moore.  I typically use Sherwin Williams paint colors.  So I bought a paint swatch of this color, along with 3 more colors from SW and went to painting some test swatches on the wall.

This is a prime example of how pictures don't always do paint colors justice.  Because in person, these colors looked SO different.  

I painted the 4 colors in the room that will be painted this color, on the wall with the most direct sunlight.  I painted.  Let them all dry.  Painted a second coat.  Let them dry.  Then stared at them in different positions of the room until I could make a decision.  Originally, I planned on going with the far right color, until I saw it on the wall.  It was way too bright for my liking.  So, I decided to go with the color I found on Pinterest from Benjamin Moore called At Sea.  

Here is Bedroom #1 Before...

And the paint colors After...

So in love with this fun light for a kids bedroom!  It doesn't give off a ton of light because it is only one bulb, but it sure does look good!  The Large Wire Globe Lantern comes in lots of different colors, I chose Dark Teal, and it is under $99! 

Bedroom #2 Before...

And Bedroom #2 After painting...

(homeowners just moved in, hence the lack of furniture and boxes)

The Love Metal Strap Drum Pendant, also from Young House Love on Shades of Light website. also comes in lots of color choices and is under $99.  I chose the cheery yellow color called Hello Sunshine. 

Here is the bathroom area painted with the horizontal stripes in Sherwin Williams Passive 7064 and Benjamin Moore At Sea 666.

The key to this really working, is that the homeowner was on board with one daughters room being a fun, bright color, and the other daughters bedroom being a neutral gray.  This helps keep the stripes looking tasteful and sophisticated versus using two bold colors.  If you try this in your home, choose gray as one color, and any bright, fun color to go with it.

Jack & Jill bathrooms and floor plans similar to this are really popular right now.  So maybe you can use this same technique for your space.  It definitely helps that the kids sharing the space are both girls because I could use fun girlypaint colors.  But you could definitely pull this off with a girl and boy.  Even if you just painted each of their 'vanity' areas coordinating colors and then mix the two colors in the middle -- try navy and gray or kelly green and gray.  

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