Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Progress Report of "Masculine Bathroom" {Client Design}

I designed this bathroom a few months ago for a client and it is *almost* complete, so I wanted to share an update on how it was coming along.

One thing to understand when I design for clients, there can always be minor changes along the way.
I always suggest items that I think will look best, but of course when the time comes to purchase that lighting or the accessories, there may be some changes along the way.  Whether a lighting fixture gets changed or a mirror, my design boards are created to create a mood for the space, and the details of the room can actually come together quite differently.  Either way, the bathroom looks fantastic!  And is almost *completely* finished!

I love how this bathroom came together!  It is just the mood we were hoping for -- with the industrial, masculine feel! 

The master bathroom from this home is also coming together smoothly!  Hoping to get more pictures of the after project soon! 

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