Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gulf Shores Beach Condo: REVEAL!!

My clients made their trip from Indiana to Gulf Shores, Alabama to see their beach condo redesigned for the first time!!  

They had a few ideas of what I would do with the space because we discussed some ideas before I went on the trip.  But she mainly just left it up to me as far as how the final design all came together.  She saw a couple of 'sneak peeks' from Instagram, but that was it!  I really wanted this to be a surprise for them because I knew how much better it would be to see in person versus just pictures, so I made them wait......

Well, they "love, love, loved it!!"  Direct quote!

Instead of going through each space and talking about all of the details of the rooms, I am just going to leave you with lots of pretty pictures to look at of the newly painted and decorated Beach Condo.  

Originally, the plan was to purchase a neutral tan/taupe colored sofa.  Then I would bring in bright beach colors in with the accessories and accent chairs.  But as soon as I saw this teal sofa, I was in love!  The entire color scheme for the furniture changed and I am so glad I took the risk of purchasing this colored sofa.  I love how it looks with the original plan of a stripe wall in SW Sea Salt and SW Naval.


I planned to keep the homeowners original navy and white rug, but I loved this bright orange/red colored rug we found.  I thought I would keep the color palette to navy, white and turquoise.  But I didn't like how the existing rug was looking with the new teal sofa.  So out with the old rug and in came this bright, eye-catching colored rug.  I really don't think the space would be the same without it!


My goal was to make the spaces feel 'beachy' but also be a reflection of the homeowners style, similar to their home here in Indiana, so that they felt comfortable and 'at home' even when they are living beachside.  If you know my design style, I don't really do lime green, bright blues, bright yellows -- typical 'beach' home colors.  My version of  'beach style' is a little more rustic and sophisticated.

Of course there are coastal nods in the starfish patterned chair, coral sculpture decor, and rope accents.

I can't tell you enough how much BIGGER this space feels without that HUGE hutch they stored the tv in.  And this piece of framed artwork tied all of our colors together.

Just a few decorative touches in the kitchen to pull all three spaces together....

Our 'list' of areas to re-design and decorate included the living area, dining room, and kitchen.  But we didn't stop there.  

You know how when you decorate one room of your house, the other rooms feel like now they need a makeover as well?  Well, that's how the half bath felt to us.  And since we had a lot of artwork from the living room and dining room that now we weren't using, we decided to decorate the master bedroom and half bathroom as well. 


This was the old artwork from the living room, so we moved it into the bedroom.  The larger, framed artwork makes much more of a statement than the three little canvas prints.





We used the leftover paint from the striped wall and painted the bathroom.  The artwork really stands out on the dark navy wall now.

Later in the week, I will walk you through how we painted the stripes on the walls, some of our DIY projects in the space, and give you a full list of sources of all of the materials.

This project was SO fun!  I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity and was asked to fulfill this project for the beach homeowners.  I am fortunate enough to have great family that helped make this all happen as well.  Read more about this project starting with the design inpirations and all of our Gulf Shores adventures in my previous Gulf Shores posts!

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