Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Client's Home Office {Seating Options}

We decided on the Settee Option!  If you remember this home office I have been working on, I gave the homeowners 2 different options for seating arrangements, you can see here.  A seating area with a settee, or 2 accent chairs with a table in between.  We all agreed, the settee option would be best for the room. 

These are all of the settee options I came up with.  (On a side note, I always give my clients options such as this when purchasing a larger item.  It's a huge purchase for them and an item they are going to keep for a while, so I really want them to get what they are going to be happiest with.  At the end of the day, it's their home and they have to live with the design, so options are good, and they feel like they are part of the design process!)

All of these settees had similar qualities.
1.  Good price.  Won't break the bank.
2.  The perfect size for the room.  Anywhere between 58"-72" long. 
3.   Great fabric colors.  I initially thought a light color on the fabric would work best in the room, but my client wanted to see a dark fabric option as well, she has 3 little boys at home! 

The *stars* are my favorites.  With this many options, the homeowner still needs a little direction.  After looking at all the possibilities for the space, we went with #2!!  The settee from World Market was actually one of the lower priced options and one of the better looking ones!  It looks awesome in the room.  The perfect size and color.

A sneak peek of what we have going on so far! (That's how I decide if I am going to like that mirror above the settee!!)  Here are some other items I have been picking up along the way.

Yes, I have been shopping at Target!

And, Home Goods, of course!

And, Pottery Barn. 

And I am finally getting to use grass cloth wallpaper!  Navy!  I love it so much and have been dying for one of my clients to commit to it.  You will have to wait to see where this is going! 

We are getting so close to a completed home office this family can finally enjoy!

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