Friday, April 18, 2014

Free $30 Gift Card Giveaway!! {For The Love of Letters}


I don't know where to start on how amazing this local artist is of For The Love of Letters!  I was spell bound the first time I saw her hand lettering and now it seems her work is everywhere I go!!

I knew nothing of For The Love of Letters until a little over a year ago.  I was behind times I guess and SO wish I knew about her sooner!!  So, this is kind of one of those stories that ended up being, I know someone that knows someone, and we all end up knowing each other kind of thing.  So I'll try to give you the down-low on how I "know" Erin Barrett from For The Love of Letters (technically we have never met)!  :) But I love her already!!

I first saw Erin's work when she was commissioned to do a custom hand lettered chalkboard for a design client of mine.  My client was really excited about it, said her work was amazing, and I thought it would be a great piece of custom art to complete the kitchen design, so we went for it!  But, WOW, I wasn't expecting anything THIS incredible!  I was hooked!  I loved Erin's work and I went straight home to look up more of her work and started following her on Instagram immediately. (@fortheloveshop)  She is a great follow on Instagram, you won't be disappointed!

Dottie Couture Boutique Keystone Location

About this same time, I heard about a new little Boutique opening in Indianapolis called Dottie Couture.  You know this one from my private shopping event a couple of weeks ago!!  And who other than For The Love of Letters to do all of the hand lettered signage and artwork for the new store in Keystone.

Dottie Couture Boutique Keystone Location

From then on out, I have had a love affair with For the Love of Letters.  Erin has made it huge and now has a fun new website selling her signs and work to the public.  I mean how stinking cute is Erin and her new website?!?!  Photography credits on her website go to her friend and my friend Kelsey Clark of Apples & Honey Photography (the same girl who did my engagement photos and some wedding photos)  So you see it was one big circle of friends.....I was friends with Kelsey, my client (who is also coincidentally friends with Kelsey) was friends with this amazing local artist Erin, who is friends with Kelsey I guess Erin and I were just meant to work together eventually!!

For The Love of Letters website

If you are in the local Indianapolis area, you can also visit For The Love of Letters this year at the annual "Barn Sale" hosted by Restyled.  I go to this event every year.  It is one of the best outdoor vintage and antique marketplaces in the city, all summer long!  

I thought it was about time to get one of her signs for my own home instead of just drooling over her work on her website everyday.  It was really hard to choose.  I wanted one of each!  So I decided on a wood sign that would look good in any room of my home.

I decided on the wood sign, but there are also framed and unframed signs to choose from.  It's a wood sign that has been hand painted to look like a chalkboard.  There is an attached wire on the back for hanging. 

I really think this will be one of those pieces that gets moved around the house frequently.

This is where the sign has landed......for now!  I love it leaning on my buffet table, but I may move it to my entryway table......or hang it on the wall.......I don't know yet!

If you have the app PHOTOFY @photofyapp you can now get For The Love of Letters on your photos and Instagrams too!  Download the app (it's free), upload or take a picture you want to use, add a design element, choose "Featured Partners" and you should see For the Love Erin Barrett.  Click on that to add any of her designs to your images! 

Now it's your chance to bring For The Love of Letters into your home!  Enter the contest below with 4 chances to win.  You have an entire week to enter the contest.  So go out and tell all of your friends about For The Love of Letters and have them come back here to my website to enter to win a $30 Gift Card!  If you don't win, there will be a little something for everyone to enjoy so check back Monday, April 28th to see if you are the lucky winner!!  
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