Friday, April 4, 2014

Shopping + Wine featuring Dottie Couture Boutique

As a small business owner, I appreciate other business owners and what they have done to get to where they are today.  That is why I love to shop local as much as I can and support the local community.  One of my new favorite clothing boutiques in Indianapolis is Dottie Couture Boutique!

If you are local and you haven't checked out Dottie Couture Boutique yet, you must!  If you aren't local, they have a great website that you can order off of as well.  They have two convenient locations, one on the south side in Greenwood and one on the north side across from the Keystone Fashion Mall.  Not only do I love their clothes and always find something in there I want to buy, I just love the style of their boutiques.  Their clothes are very trendy and brightly colored (which help me think outside of wearing just black all the time) but their store is more Rustic, Shabby Chic.  A-dorable!

Purple is their signature color, from their logo to their tissue paper for wrapping your purchases.  But inside the store, you will see teal of all shades, light pinks, purples, and whites.  The store has a very personal and comfortable feel to the small shop.  Almost like you are just shopping in your closet, but much better clothes! The furniture was all hand selected from thrift stores and antique shops.  They are all well weathered and distressed for a very unique look unlike any other boutique.  I loved the look of all of their pieces they use for store display.  The handmade chalkboard art can't be missed.  It is displaced throughout the store for decor and for signage.  Such as the "fitting rooms" sign.  All handmade by the amazingly talented local artist Erin Barrett of For the Love of Letters Shop.  If you love this chalk art, you can shop on her site to bring the same look into your home.   Her website is worth the browse, it is so cute!  Oh, and I can't forget to mention the chandeliers in the store!  They are gorgeous and vintage looking.

 My sister Julie from JLM Moments and I hosted this gathering last night with some of our stylish girlfriends at the Keystone location.   Some had shopped at Dottie Couture before and others hadn't.  So it was a great way to share one of our favorite boutiques with our friends and all shop together.  Thank you so much to all the ladies that came!  It was one of Dottie's biggest turn outs for a private party!  We provided wine and cheese and chocolate for the ladies as they shopped the latest trends for Spring and Summer.  I mean, what's better than shopping + wine + chocolate?!?!  Nothing!! 

I tried on a couple different items, but ended up coming home with only a long maxi dress and a necklace.

This is the dress I had been eying on their website, and couldn't wait to try on.  It's a navy and white striped dress with an attached beaded necklace in bright green.  But once I tried it one -- WAY too short for me.  I like it as a top though!  So that was a NO!

I've been loving the trend of Palazzo pants for Summer, so I really wanted to hopefully purchase some of these.  They are thin, flowy pants that I think would be really cute with just a basic tank tucked in for the summer with wedges or flats.  These were the only ones they had in the store, so I had to try them on.  I wasn't in love with the print or the fit.  NOT today! 

And then I saw this dress!  It looked so comfortable and easy for Summer, yet super stylish!  It was a winner and went home with me.  Of course I bought another black dress though!  I just can't get away from wearing black for some reason.  I need to work on that.

This pretty little necklace caught my eye too!  A beautiful Kelly green and cream large statement necklace.  Oh, how I adore statement necklaces right now.  I am actually already wearing this today!

If you missed the party last night or aren't local or maybe there was something you wanted that they didn't have in the store, there is still a chance to shop Dottie Couture Boutique with a special discount!  Head on over to my sister's blog for a one time only special discount for online purchases!

I already bought something online with the discount code!!!

I LOVE this tee and I was so disappointed they didn't have it in their store last night!  So I went and bought it today!  I can already see it at a Summer country concert with my blue jeans and cowboy boots or our upcoming trip to Charleston, SC!!  Hey Y'all!!!

Go shop local this weekend!!!


  1. Thanks so much for the invite! I love any excuse to go shop there!!! Love that maxi dress you ended up with!

  2. thank you for having this fun lil party!!!! I love all my purchases!

  3. The lace at the back really helps fit the dress to your body and for a white dress it makes you look as slim as it gets. The trail is gorgeous too. If you are looking to save money on it, this is a good choice


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