Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stella + Dot Trunk Show

images from stella + dot

I attended my VERY FIRST Stella + Dot Trunk Show this past weekend.  I have seen their jewelry before.  Mostly admiring a friend's stunning earrings or drop dead gorgeous necklace from afar.  Unlike other "jewelry parties" I have attended, their items tend to be a little more expensive, but it certainly shows in their quality and versatility.

image from stella + dot
Totes Adorbs!!  I'll just start out by saying this is the tote bag I purchased!  I love it so much, I can't keep it in any longer!!  The Getaway Tote in Red Ikat woven fabric with a spill resistant material on the interior.  Stella + Dot have really thought of everything with this one..... I love this Getaway tote versus the bag I currently use for weekend trips for MANY reasons....

image from stella + dot

1.  The two shoulder straps are actually big enough to carry the bag on your shoulder.  The bag I carry now, is more of just a forearm carry type of bag.  Not ideal when it is really, really heavy carrying through the airport.
2.  It also has the option of the detachable cross body strap for really easy, hands-free traveling. 
3.  Top zip closure.  So many of my weekend bags don't have this, and it is inevitable, that by some point in the trip everything falls out of the bag! 
4.  Whether you are packing for a one-night getaway or a week, the expandable size is genius!!
5.  THREE prints in ONE bag!  It just doesn't get any better than that!  I am a sucker for mixing prints!
6.  The bag is really sturdy and I can tell already it is great quality.  It can stand by itself, which makes for easy packing!

I know it's not jewelry, they have some absolutely gorgeous jewelry too.  Honestly, I could have bought it all.  But I weighed my options, and said to myself  "I will use this tote WAY more than that amazing statement necklace" even though it hurt a little bit!

This one was definitely hard to walk away from...still have my eye on you....

It really helps to have pieces to look at in person....and there was lots to look at!

Smart Jewelry -- They have these jewelry pieces they refer to as "smart jewelry" where you are really getting your money's worth.

This necklace is a 3-in-1 piece.  You can wear the two necklaces together for one large statement piece.  Or you can wear the turquoise triangle necklace alone.  Or you can wear the multi-strand necklace as a long necklace.  Love that!  See more on that at their website stella + dot - sutton necklace.  And this one comes in white also! 

They also have bags, wallets, small accessories, tech accessories, and scarves to choose from!  Who knew!

It may have been a little more than I would typically spend on a weekend bag, but I feel like it was time to upgrade to a "big girl" travel bag!  :)  I tend to hang on to things for a while, so I will probably have this tote for quite some time into the future.  I knew it would be money well spent.  I will probably use this bag almost every weekend this summer.  We are constantly hopping around, visiting friends throughout the summer. 

Katie was the fabulous stylist at the Trunk Show I attended.  You can get more information for Stella + Dot or about hosting your own party with her.  Click here to contact Katie!


  1. Love the red! I have the purse version of that bag in the metallic beige kaki color but these same ikat. I too LOVE it. Its great quality!!! Now you are making me want the red!! :-)

    1. I love the ikat! I was a little worried the red would be too much, too bright, because I didn't see it in person. But I am SO glad I went for it and got the red! I love it! Now I want it in like every size!! ;)


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