Friday, March 28, 2014

Trend Spotting: Scandinavian Home Decor

Bringing the Scandinavian design style into your home!

After visiting a restaurant in the SoBro area of Indianapolis for my birthday, it got me thinking about Scandinavian Design.  Its white, light, and simple design palette was a beautiful backdrop to the hot and spicy cuisine of Delicia

Scandinavian Design emerged in the 1950's from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  A design style known for their light, bright, simplicity throughout the decor.

You know that store that I really love for home decor and furniture?!?  You know the one -- IKEA!! Well, if you like IKEA then you like Scandinavian design style. Did you know that IKEA is based out of Sweden, so most of their products follow the Scandi design style or are Scandinavian inspired.  Look around IKEA the next time you are there -- clean lines, not a lot of ornate embellishments, modern, lots of white and cool grays -- it is the easiest way to understand and bring the Scandi style into your home!

via IKEA magazine

The home of style blogger from My Scandinavian Home.

via Stylizimo

A book of Nordic interior decor from the Danish couple Iben Ahlberg + Niels Ahlberg.

Scandinavian interiors will be sticking around for a while as long as IKEA is still in business.  And it has most definitely become more main stream and popular due in parts to IKEA whether you knew it not.  It has become a classic design style intended for the contemporary lovers.


  1. The image you created that defines what Scandinavian is = genius. I pinned it for future reference!

  2. Thanks! :) Glad to know it came in handy!


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