Monday, May 12, 2014

Fresh New Outdoor Space

What a beautiful weekend we had to be outside, enjoy the weather, and to celebrate Mother's Day!!  Even though you should show all the momma's in your life how much you appreciate them EVERYDAY, because they do so much for us, it's nice that they get their own day to relax, be pampered, and do whatever they want!  Mother's Day is also that time of year to start planting all those pretty flowers!!  So I was urged to freshen up my front porch this past week!  My mom helped me pick out all of my flowers.  I know nothing about gardening and she has the greenest thumb I know!!

I just do some simple pots on my front porch to keep it easy.  Every year I do different color flowers, depending on what I am in the mood for.  Sometimes all bright pink flowers.  Other years I have done all yellow flowers.    These really jumped out to me at the garden store though!  They are a vibrant orange-red color.  And white always shows up really good in a black pot like mine.  First I was going to do all white flowers for a really simple but fresh look, until I saw these red beauties and I decided to add some color.  I added one spiky flower in there also to give the arrangement some height. 

I don't have a yard, so this is the only way I can get a little gardening action in!  And let's face it, this is about all I can handle right now!!  Can't wait to see all of these full grown and blooming out of the pot!!

I was really in desperate need of a new door mat for the front door.  We get a lot of direct sunlight in this area.  So after 3 years, the "M" monogram had completely faded away.  And I think the weather got it this past winter, because it was completely split in half when I picked it up! 

So I headed to Target and picked up this guy!!  I love it!  It's a little bit longer and bigger than the other one we had.  But I love that!  It gives it a grander entrance to the space. 

Target Hepurn with Border Coir Estate Doormat $24.99

It is great for outdoor use because of the coir grass texture and rubber backing.  It works great for wiping off shoes.  And it looks great with our black front door.

So that is all I have done this year so far to freshen up our little home on the outside!  It is great curb appeal and very welcoming!! 

I have some other plans but haven't got to them......I REALLY want to try an herb garden this year!  But like I mentioned, I am horrible with plants, so I am a little nervous! 

Has anyone ever heard of the EarthBox or used one before??  I've heard they are really easy to use and have been looking into purchasing one of these to plant multiple herbs together....or could I DIY one.....or will I spend all this money on herbs and they all I said, still it too late to plant herbs......

Let me know if anyone has ever used this system.  Or has a system that is similar to it.  Or just any gardening tips in general for herbs for me!!!  :) 

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