Friday, May 23, 2014

Green BEAN Delivery

When I first saw a Green BEAN Delivery truck driving down the interstate, I was intrigued.  I wasn't sure what this "organic produce and natural groceries" delivered to your front door entailed.  You know how you see something, and it is on your mind, it seems like you start to see and hear about it everywhere??  Well that's what happened with Green BEAN Delivery.  I started to learn that I actually knew a lot of people using this organic produce company to get groceries delivered right to their home.  So I had to find out more about this company and try them out for myself. Read more about this company on their website!
Green BEAN Delivery is independently and locally owned.  Working with lots of local suppliers, which I loved about them!  The website was really easy to use and set up an account for the first time.  They even have a blog called Healthy Times with recipes, news, and more.  The produce available for purchase changes all the time, season to season.  But you can fully customize what you receive in your order and even add in basic groceries along with your fresh produce.  I was really hoping to get some spinach, but sadly, there was none available at the time.  My sister has also purchased the Green BEAN Delivery bin and she said the spinach was amazing!  So, I was really looking forward to trying it.  Maybe next time.  See her post about her experience with Green BEAN Delivery and how she used her fresh produce on her blog.

The company provides different levels of bins.   They offer a Small Bin, Combo Bin, Medium Bin, Large Bin, and a Fruit Bin.  Main differences are just sizes and price.  I chose the Small Bin for my first time, which consists of $35 worth of fresh fruits and veggies. 

Breakfast Cantaloupe
Avocado {3}
Red Grapefruit
Kiwi {2}
Romaine Lettuce
Steaz Zero Calorie Green Tea {add on}

Of course, I couldn't just order a bunch of fruit & veggies and not have some meals planned out for them!  The weather was beautiful last night, so my hubby manned the grill and we threw together a yummy dinner of Turkey Burgers, Roasted Broccolini, and Sweet Potato Fries using some of our fresh ingredients.  I was mainly excited to try the Broccolini, one of my favs, and Turkey Burgers just seemed like a good pairing for them!


Doesn't this broccolini look like a beautiful bouquet!!  I had to laugh because my mom is a florist and she creates a lot of wedding bouquets.  It made me think of her and how this broccolini actually looks a lot like the stock she uses in some of the bouquets.  And I thought......she should just use broccolini in her bouquets and then if the bride gets hungry she can also snack on it!  hahaha! I am my biggest fan!

I'm a sucker for Green Tea so when I saw this, I had to add a can to my bin.  It was delicious!  It is called Half & Half -- half green tea, half lemonade.  Zero calories with natural sweeteners.  I need to find this in the store. 

Dinner is served!!

Overall, I had a wonderful first time experience with Green BEAN Delivery!  Probably THE BEST fresh produce that I have ever had!!  Everything was full, thriving, and crisp!  Just the way fruit & veggies are supposed to be.  I have shopped around at many local grocery stores, from big box grocery stores to organic grocery stores and everything I have had from Green BEAN delivery surpassed them.  Will this be something I order every week?  Maybe not right now.  It does seem a little pricey for a family of two.  But on the flip side, you are getting amazing fresh, local produce that was better than anything I have ever had from any other grocery store.  I have considered keeping the bin during the summer months, as that is when the best fruit and veggies are available (and when I eat them most).  You can completely customize your orders to arrive when you want and as often as you would like.  So, this is something to consider.  Not only do I love fruit & veggies, but they are crucial to everyone's diet.  Having them delivered to your door is convenient!  You know you are paying a little more for good produce so you are more likely to eat all of the items rather than let them rot and be wasted.  It saves a lot of time and trips going to the grocery store.  And you are supporting local farmers. 

*Thank you to Green BEAN Delivery for sponsoring this post.  All opinions were completely mine.  And to my hubby for being my wonderful hand model!!

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