Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kitchen + Living Room Makeover Reveal!

I finally get to reveal the amazing transformation of this Kitchen + Family Room.  After months and months of kitchen renovations, painting, shopping, decorating, this space is finally complete!  We started with a "builder basic" home and I transformed it into a unique, one-of-a-kind space with gray, navy blue, and lots of added color throughout space. 

Let's go back a bit......and reminisce quickly about how this space used to look! 

After just moving into this home, the decorating was minimal.  They needed help with adding more color to all of the tan walls, adding interest to the space with artwork and pictures on the walls, adding some softness to the space and color with new window treatments, and more storage for the little ones.  My goal was to give this young, vibrant, fun family a new space that really reflected their personality more. 

A good tip, when wanting to redecorate, take pictures of the room at different angles.  You can get a better visualization of the space -- walls that need pictures, what to paint, and options for furniture arrangements.  
We started with a Design Scheme for the space.....and built the room around that!

No matter what your decorating budget is, you can do a lot in a space if you know which items to spend more money on and which items to save on.  This way you really get the most bang for your buck!

Family Room Reveal! 


One of our biggest challenges in the Family Room was the fireplace wall.  You can see in the before pictures that there was this huge awkward niche in the wall above the fireplace.  The homeowners were stumped!  They had no idea what to do with it.  And neither did I at first!  Do we decorate inside of it?  Do we accent it and paint it a contrasting color?  I decided to just cover it up!!  No amount of accessorizing inside the niche would ever make it look better.  So I bought a piece of artwork from on a canvas that was just big enough to cover the hole and finally make the fireplace the focal point again! The artwork alone was not enough.  So I added a simple orchid for some layering.  But anything more would just make the small mantle feel crowded.

Big Transformations in the Family Room:
--> making the fireplace a focal wall with bold stripes <--
--> hiding the awkward niche above the fireplace <--
--> added bookcases for extra storage <--

This kitchen makeover might be one of the biggest transformations ever.  It is such a dramatic before and after from what they started with, to what they have now.  And there really weren't any major renovations, besides incorporating granite counter tops.   It just goes to show, how some little changes, can make a huge impact!

Big Transformations in the Kitchen:
--> painted the kitchen cabinets white <--
--> island cabinet painted black <--
--> added crown molding to top of wall cabinets <--
--> new granite replaced the old laminate counter tops <--
--> added hardware to the cabinet doors <--

Kitchen Makeover Reveal! 

Every new client is a new friend for life for me!  This family was awesome to work with.  And I can't wait to do more projects together in the future!! Overall, I took a basic home and just added more style and personality into the home.  Paint -- the easiest thing you can do to change a space, made a huge impact in this makeover with the gray walls throughout the first floor and the light and dark gray striped wall.  Other than that, it was just about bringing in a few bold accessories to really add drama to the room to get the biggest bang for their buck -- curtains, colorful pillows and fabrics, large gallery wall, big pieces of artwork! 

Next week I will have more information about details of their space -- gallery wall, DIY Chalkboard, tips on decorating above kitchen cabinets, tips on decorating bookshelves...........


  1. Love, looks amazing! Once again, job well done by Jessica Stout Design!

    1. Thanks Stef!! Can't wait to put you on my "client list"!!! :)

  2. I love this jessica!! Gray/navy/yellow is basically my favorite color scheme EVER. You are so talented :)

    1. Thank you, thank you! It means a lot to hear that!! I LOVE this color combo too! There is so much you can do with gray and navy.

  3. Gorge!!! Amazing print and pattern mixing! I love every last details!! Your work really did take that from just a total cookie cutter to a "wow" !!!! You are amazing!

    1. Thanks!!! That is such a great compliment! I appreciate it! Tooooootal cookie cutter! There is A LOT going on here with all the patterns, but I think people get so caught up in trying to make everything so matchy-matchy. It's just fun and vibrant this way! I pretty much wanted to take those curtains home with ME!!


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