Monday, May 5, 2014

DIY Baby Shower Gift {Quick Trip Survival Kit}

I have A LOT of Baby Showers to go to this Summer!  I love babies, so I am definitely not complaining!  The last couple of years, the Summers were filled with Wedding Showers, Bachelorette Parties, and Weddings.  Well now, it's Baby Season

This past weekend I attended one of my best friend's Baby Shower.  I wanted to give a gift that is a little more personalized for the new Mommy-to-Be!  Something that could be super useful that a new mommy can't live without.  But since I have no babies of my own, I didn't really know what a new mommy or baby really needs.  I was looking for those special items that really help get them through the day.

So I turned to my super organized sister and new mommy herself, from JLM Moments for help.  She helped me put together this really easy DIY Baby Gift that I am calling the Quick Trip Survival Kit!!  It's perfect for the quick run out the door with your little one, or just grab-and-go if you are heading on a walk or to the park.

The whole point of this is that everything is already packaged together -- a back-up onesie for any accidents, a diaper, and baby wipes -- so you can just grab one of the little packages and head out the door.  There were so many times when I was with my sister -- out for a walk, shopping, running into Target -- that I noticed she didn't want to take her entire diaper bag with her.  So she would just grab a couple of things out of the diaper bag and throw them into her purse.  The Quick Trip Survival Kit just makes this a little more convenient and easier for Moms to do without having to lug around a diaper bag everywhere!

I don't know a lot when it comes to babies, so this is just how I decided to put together this Survival Kit.  Really, you could do this same idea for any age baby and whatever supplies you think you might need.  I started with 15 onesies to package together to make for a larger gift.  I used 10 white 0-3 month onesies and 5 colorful 3-6 month onesies so they would last a little longer through the months.  I separated out about 3-5 wipes in each "snack bag."  Each "party bag" was stuffed with a onesie, a diaper, and a Ziploc snack bag of baby wipes.  That's it!!  I folded the plastic party bag and closed it with a strip of washi tape.  All of the packages were placed in a fabric basket from Target, which matched the baby's nursery.  This keeps them all together and organized.  I also included a few extra snack bags with wipes and some extra diapers in the basket. 

Quick Trip Survival Kit:
Basket or Bin
10 - 15 Onesies
(I used 0-3 months & 3-6 months)
1 pack of Diapers
(size 1 - most babies are in this size for a while, but again, I don't have babies so I had to ask my sister what size to buy)
1 pack of Baby Wipes
Snack Size Ziploc baggies
Party Bags
(available at party stores - these are from Party City 
in the candy aisle)
Washi Tape 

Ready to meet baby girl!! 

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  1. This is a super cute and good idea! I'm almost of the diaper phase but this is still a good idea for potty training. I do something similar but in a ziploc bag with a change of clothes for presley lol so not as pretty as yours :)


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