Friday, April 24, 2015

Craftsman Kitchen Remodel {Client Design}

As I mentioned yesterday in the home tour of this craftsman style home built in the early 1900's, this home was quite the fixer upper.  It needed a lot of help, but had tons of potential because it already had really good bones.  The kitchen was no exception, or what was left of the kitchen.  When I first saw this kitchen, there was an old fridge in the corner, a sink base cabinet, an old range in the middle of the room, and only two cabinets hanging on the wall!  I knew from that moment, that this room was going to be huge challenge, that I was so excited to get my hands on!

My challenges for this kitchen started with the layout.  There were a few angles in the room that we had to design the cabinets around.  The goal was to fit in as much storage as possible without making the space feel cramped.  It was crucial to me to keep the integrity of the style of the home.  It wouldn't make sense to design a modern kitchen in an older home like this.  So, the plan was to create a kitchen design that fit the style of the home with modern amenities, but to include classic finishes such as the lighting, cabinet door styles, and the carrara marble countertops to really speak to the character of home.

I was more than excited with how this kitchen came out.  It was kind of my baby of the entire house project.  I wanted it to be perfect!  After all, I think the kitchen is the most important room of a home, and since they were remodeling this house to sell, it was important to make this room a real showstopper!

I'll be posting all the details of how this kitchen came to life soon.   There is a ton of behind the scenes work that makes a kitchen from the design planning to choosing the perfect countertops.  So stay tuned for that.  What do you think of this kitchen?  Would you be able to cook dinners here?


  1. I want to buy this house! It's soon beautiful :)

  2. Thanks Amber! :) The before and afters are so dramatic! I love how it turned out. I think they actually sold it within a couple of weeks already!


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