Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Has Arrived!!

Spring has arrived, Easter is only a few days away, the weather is getting a little warmer each day, I just had a birthday last week......

There has been lot going on around here!!

Today was gorgeous weather!  So I took advantage and finally got out a few of my Easter decor items, some bright pink Spring-y blooms, and swapped out some of my winter decor for my Spring/Summer decor and snapped some quick pictures to share while the sun was shining.

I don't want it to sound like I go around and change all of my decor for the warmer months, because I don't, but there are a few minor, small changes I like doing in my home to brighten up the place a bit.

My entry way is really the main thing I change around all the time, season to season.  I found some awesome table runners at Home Goods a while back so I added that in.  It really brightens up that table.  The wood, distressed bunny is also from Home Goods, last year.  Easter is this weekend already and I almost forgot to get him out!  The faux fiddle leaf fig branch from Pottery Barn found a place (for now).  I bought two of them in hopes to use them for a client because they were such a fantastic deal!  I don't have a lot of extra storage for client items, so sometimes they get displayed around my house for the time being.  :)  I am obsessed with my Chinese Chippendale chairs that I had repainted, I just don't have anywhere to put them!  I have four all together and one or two sitting around different rooms of my home currently.  You can buy them if the price is right!!! ;)  (my husband is trying to give them away for free!! never!)

One of the biggest changes I made in my living room were swapping out my black & white IKEA pillows with these simple gray pillow cases (also IKEA).  And bringing these white and gray printed pillow cases back in.  For winter, I actually changed the table lamp shade to black, from the guest room, to match my black and white and green Christmas decor.  It was time to change that back for a brighter look.  (yes, I know I have a magazine problem!! why can't I just throw them away?!?) 

But biggest change to the space though is THIS GUY..................

I am SO obsessed with my new, REAL, fiddle leaf fig tree.  (that's a mouth full)  My mom gave it to me for my birthday!  It is a showstopper.  It is large, graphic, and exactly what I wanted for the space. I talked about wanting one, and then it happened!!  It is perfect!  Does anyone know how to keep it alive?!?!?

It actually makes those fake ones look really good!

I thought this Pottery Barn basket was huge when I received it in the mail, but it turned out to be the perfect size for hiding the ugly pot it was in.

You can never have too many flowers around the space, so I added a few here.

And to make the house smell fresh for Spring......a new candle!  I love the clear glass bottle and it is their newest scent -- Rose!!

These are my favorite candles ever, made out of Charleston, SC.  I have actually been to their production warehouse.  They burn perfectly.  Last forever.  Smell amazing.  And are made out of recycled wine bottles.  Some of the wine bottles are even from my sister-in-laws restaurant she works at in Charleston.  So if you get a REWINED candle, she may have served the wine out of it!  :)  You can order these from their online shop, West Elm, or at Dottie Couture.

What do you do to get your home Spring and Summer ready?

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