Monday, March 30, 2015

Navy & Green Room to Grow {E-Design}

What's all the BUZZ about these E-Designs?!?!?

I have talked about an E-Design on here before and I have received a lot of interest and a lot of really great feedback on them.  You can see all the details of an E-Design under my DESIGN SERVICES page here.

E-Designs are great for anyone that is able and willing to do the shopping of the items them self and aren't afraid of a little DIY.  This can be someone in the Indianapolis, IN area or located anywhere in the United States, as we work solely through email.  With so much interest, but also so many questions (is this for me? can I do this?) about my E-Designs, I decided to walk you through and show you EXACTLY what you are getting with E-Design services.

How It Works:

Once we make contact, and you decide an E-Design is right for you, I will have you fill out an online Design Questionnaire that I will email you.  This will help me get to know you, your lifestyle, and the space you are wanting help decorating.  From there, you will send me basic dimensions of the space and photos of the space.  Once I look through these items, I will determine your price, per room, according to the amount of work needed and the size of the space.

Example E-Design:

This little guy, who lives in Georgia, is 10 but basically I am designing a room for a teenager.  Mom was looking for a space that this guy will love now, and will still love in 8 years.  Which is kind of a tall order, but I know I can make it work.  So, with that said, I am designing a space for a teenager, not a 10 year old, knowing he will grow into it.

The #1 rule when decorating a kid's space --

Don't decorate for their age now, decorate for years to come and let them grow into the space.

That way, you don't feel like you have to re-decorate and change their space every couple of years.  

After working with Mom through email, we determined what the space needs, what had to stay (wall color, bed and dresser) and what she was open to changing or adding.

She ordered a few new things already from PB Teen that needed to be worked into the space.  So, I gave her some duvet cover options that worked with what she just purchased.

A quick sketch I put together of the space that I emailed back to the client to determine that all of the dimensions and layout of the space were correct before moving forward.

Before pictures are very important!  It is really challenging to design a space without seeing photos of what I am working with.  And I may see something you need that you didn't see -- I could see this little boy needed some extra storage for books!

The before pictures don't have to be perfect.  The best way to take pictures of a space is to stand in the corner and photograph the opposite corner, trying to get as much as possible in the photo.  And then walk around the space and do that in each corner.

From there, I was able to create a design for the family that they will hopefully love and easily create themselves. 

Anything that needs to be hung in a particular way will include a diagram.

I also provided options for furniture layout.

That's it!  It is really simple for anyone to receive E-Design services from Jessica Stout Design.  Once the design is completed and sent out, you have a few basic revisions I will include but can always add to the design or change anything for an additional fee.

I also provided this client a list of materials, so she could easily and quickly order every single item I proposed online. (this is not the full list of materials!) 

Once this room is completed, I hope to share the after photos.  Here is another recent E-Design before + after I shared for a local client.

contact me at if you think an E-Design is right for you! 

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