Sunday, October 25, 2015

Home-A-Rama 2015 Review: Matt Beecher Homes

Home #4:  Matt Beecher Builders

(I've decided to split up each home into separate blog posts, so that it is easier and quicker to scroll through pictures and to go back and get the information in the future!  Scroll through to see each of the 5 homes on the 2015 Home-A-Rama home tour.) 

The foyer was wallpapered with a gorgeous gray wallcovering.  YES, WALLPAPER!!  Wallpaper is back!  I loved this light hanging in the entrance as well.  I used this same light in the lighting design of this home.  It's the perfect entry way light.

What a neat way to 'layer' artwork on the fireplace.

This designer used a warm gray + yellow color palette in the family room.

A better look at the really pretty chandelier in the space and a view into the dining room and kitchen from the second floor catwalk.

The Master Bedroom had a neat wood detail on the wall for a focal point.  This would be very easy to recreate.  The wall was painted a light gray color and then they applied these wood strips in a gorgeous diamond pattern.  The wood strips were painted a metallic gold/silver for another layer of texture.

I love using mirrored furniture in a bedroom.  Adds such a level of sophistication and glamour to the space.

Gorgeous Master Bathroom.  I am such a sucker for tile designs.  I always like having a tub next to a shower and sharing a wall of tile like they have done here.  Very well done!

Their basement design was amazing!

That is a tv lit from behind there...and I LOVE this rug from West Elm.

Gorgeous dark cabinets to match the dark trim in the basement.

Not a fan of the oversized hardware on the cabinets...what do you think?

I think every basement on the tour had dark gray of some shade painted on all of the trim and doors.  I love this design detail for a basement.

I could totally make one of these!!! :)

The last home on the tour was built by Old Town Design Group.

Home #5:  Old Town Design Group

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