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Home-A-Rama 2015 Review: McKenzie Collection

Home #2:  McKenzie Collection & KBD Home
{favorite interior design}

I was obsessed with this home!  The inside and out.  It was definitely my favorite interior design because they went outside the norm and tried some new,  high end interesting design styles.  AND they had A LOT of shiplap in the home!! :)

The entry was gorgeous with this amazing light fixture and feather artwork on both sides of the foyer.

The master bedroom was my favorite room.  I loved that they went for a little different style with the mix of antiques and soft pastel palette.  It had a real modern-vintage, yet glamorous flair.  I called this room "high-end Grandma chic!!"

The Master Bathroom had a lot going on, but it was refreshing to see some unique items used.  I loved these raw wood mirrors, loved the wall sconces, not so much together!  The windows above the vanity are a nice touch to let natural light into the bathroom.

This shower was amazing!!  I have never seen a shower door on a track like this.  Loved it!

Door details in the bathroom.  This lead to a linen closet in the master bathroom.  It's all about the details that really completes a space. 

This modern, contemporary light was gorgeous!  The gold finis made it perfectly glamorous for a master closet.  This closet light is very similar to a light Joanna Gaines used in a Fixer Upper I featured here. 

The kitchen stole my heart as soon as I saw the entire wall of shiplap!! *swoon*

I have to admit, though, I kind of hated the backsplash they chose to go with the shiplap.

And they used shiplap to finish the sides of the island.  This is a great trick anyone can use to upgrade the look of a simple island into a custom-looking island.

This home made a lot of great lighting choices as well.  I am a *sucker* for great lighting!!

Panorama shot of the living room  I loved the gold accents in the art and the lighting.

I tend to lean towards light colored tiles for a bathroom, but I really liked the dark tiles for a change in the basement bathroom.  This only works so well because they chose a dark charcoal colored tub as well.  A great design detail!

Back upstairs, there was more SHIPLAP!  From what I could tell, it looked as though they just used car siding to create this look versus the traditional way of installing shiplap.  I like this look just as much.  Don't think it has to be painted white, either.  They painted theirs a light gray color and ran the horizontal planks throughout the entire back hallway around.

This light in the laundry room was gorgeous.  I love the open, airiness it has.  It is very modern, industrial but would fit with a lot of different styles.

The laundry rooms walls had a fun little hexagon tile on the walls.  And they made laminate countertops look cool again with this striped design.

 This was a fun little work station in the back of the house, off of the garage.  A really neat desk, a cowhide upholstered chair, and something outside the box for an area rug, make for a great little vignette.  This rug is actually made out of rug tiles that typically come in sizes of 18 x 18 and can be purchased from Flor.  You can create any pattern or size out of them.  If one gets dirty, you can just take it out of the area rug and replace it.

I love that the interior of the home kind of had fun with the design style, didn't take it too seriously, and definitely pushed the limited of interior decorating. 

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