Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Home-A-Rama 2015 Review: Williams Custom Art Builders

Every year, I look forward to the Home-A-Rama in Indianapolis touring beautiful, new homes.  It is something I did every year as a child with my mom, and I still love going today.

This year, the home parade was located in Noblesville, IN in the community of the Sagamore Country Club.  There were 5 homes to tour, all around 5,000 sf.  I love touring the homes each year for design inspiration.  Usually each home demonstrates all the new design and current design trends, popular colors of the season, building trends, and lots and lots of pretty eye candy for any decorating enthusiast!

Last years Home-A-Rama was located in Westfield, IN in the neighborhood of Brookside.  Next year, Home-A-Rama tour will be back in Westfield in the Chatham Hill neighborhood.

The tour has come and gone already this year.  If you didn't make it, here are pictures of all of my favorite parts.  If you did make the tour, you are probably like me, and by the end of touring 5 homes, everything starts to just run together and you forget what home had what.  So, here is a little review of each home, some of my favorite parts of the designs, and a list of some of the biggest reoccuring trends I saw between all 5 homes!

(I've decided to split up each home into separate blog posts, so that it is easier and quicker to scroll through pictures and to go back and get the information in the future!) 

Home #1:  Williams Custom Art Builders & DJ Interiors

My favorite parts of this house......the kitchen.  I loved the design of the kitchen with the simple white, shaker style cabinets, the two pendants over the island, the darker island, which is a huge trend right now.

This bathroom was awesome!  I loved how they designed the cabinets and trim work around the vanity, to the ceiling.

In the basement, under the stairs, they had an adorable spot for kids.  Their own little hide-a-away place!

I tend to help clients choose exterior paints as well, and help them design the exterior when it comes to shutters, doors, and details.  I loved the colors of this home.  Soft, neutral ivory painted brick and dark painted shutters.  I liked that the trim wasn't white, but more of a light taupe.

Next up is the home built by Mckenzie Homes.  One of my favorite homes of the tour!

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