Thursday, December 10, 2015

As Seen On Fixer Upper {The Brick House}

The Brick House from Episode 2 packed a lot of punch into this little home on Baylor campus.  you don't need a lot of house for a lot of style.

There were a lot of things on this episode that got me excited.  From the original shiplap on the bedroom walls and ceiling to the cement tiles in the kitchen.  It was such a quaint little home with so much character and personality everywhere you looked.

I have to cut straight to the kitchen, because I almost jumped off my sofa when I saw the cement tiles Joanna chose for this kitchen!!  They are the SAME tiles, SAME design, I chose for my sister's home I am designing!  Joanna chose the gray color for this project, as I chose the black and white for my project, but I'd say we are definitely decorating soul sisters!! :)  You know everyone will be choosing these patterned floor tiles now that Joanna did!

12" x 12" Porcelain (available from Louisville Tile)

Now that I have that excitement out of the way, let's take a look at the rest of this gorgeous little Texas cottage.

I'm obsessed with lighting!!  I would spend half of my client's budgets on lighting if I could.  I'm really passionate that good ceiling fixtures 'make' a huge statement in a room.  I love this light because it has a classic, yet interesting look to it.  It is dainty with the open airiness of it, but still makes an impact in the space.  

This size and style of light is perfect for a space where you may be walking under the light, versus like a dining room light.  Because it is wider than it is tall, you can hang it closer to the ceiling. 

I can never be completely certain of the exact items Joanna uses in her projects, but I would say this light fixture that I found is pretty close.

 Wrought Iron Frame Ceiling Lantern Ceiling Light

I LOVE decorating kitchens with bread boards or cutting boards.  They are a functional kitchen item that looks beautiful leaning against the wall as well.  These come in a set of 3 from The Painted Fox.  This online store is one of my favorites and has the best 'farm house swag!'

A vintage sign that says "eat" or "kitchen" or "bakery" are very popular right now and they come in lots of different sizes in styles.  I like the simple black and white signs because they make the biggest impact in the most sophisticated way.  I found this one on Etsy.  Antique Farm House also sells a large metal one occasionally as well.  

What do you guys draw inspiration from on the Fixer Upper episodes?  Do you like to see the artwork she hangs on the walls, the accessories she uses in the space, or do you look at the larger pieces of furniture for that farmhouse inspiration?  Let me know and I will try to touch more on that in the next episode!

Visit the Magnolia Market website for all of the details straight from Jo about The Brick House and this episode.  All images are from Magnolia website, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Have you found a comparable light to that beauty in the dining room? I fell in love with it during the episode, and couldn't wait to see you blog post! :)

    1. Awww! Well I love that you look forward to this blog post! I love doing them. Of course the one thing you wanted to know about, I don't mention in the blog. I think this one is from her shop. But here are some similar ones. Check out Wayfair too. I buy a ton of lighting from their shop. They have just about everything.

  2. 1. I need that light to not be $700+ dollars... got any cheapo versions? (For my playroom)
    2. I love that patterned tile. I need to redo my laundry room floor and totally has been on my mind...Now I'm completely sold on the patterned tile. I think I wld want that black and white you are using. Mind sharing where I can find that?? ...Tom will probably leave me when he finds out I have another tile project in mind. We both HATE doing tile work but too cheap to pay someone else. lol

  3. Hey!
    Do you have any idea where I could find those exact yellow lattice pillows. I absolutely love them and have looked online everywhere. Thanks so much!

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  5. Great post! Any idea what shade of Silestone the countertops are in the Fixer Upper kitchen image? Looks like Snowy Ibiza, but I'm not sure. Thanks!

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  7. Hi, do you have a best guess as to what color gray she used on the interior walls? Thanks in advance!


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